Funny / Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

  • The infamous "Give that guy a raise." scene.
  • The amazing Parental Bonus moment when Marina claims she can convince Sinbad to go get the book and his eyes flick down to her chest for a brief second.
  • When describing the day he met Proteus, Sinbad explains that the young prince climbed down from his bedroom in the palace to save him from a group of thugs. Dinner is announced as he describes the scene:
    Sinbad: I had a sword at my throat, at my chest, at my... [begins to gesture downward]
    Crewman: [emerging from a hatch] PICKLES AN' EGGS!
  • The entire argument, complete with throwing things at each other, that Sinbad and Marina have on the back of the giant fish.
    Marina: You...egotistical...
    Sinbad: You spoiled...
    Marina: Disrespectful!
    Sinbad: Deluded!
    Marina: Pretentious, pompous!
    Sinbad: High and mighty!
    Marina: Self-centered, untrustworthy, ungrateful, impossible, insufferable!
    Sinbad: At least I'm not repressed!
    Marina: REPRESSED?! I'll show you "repressed!"
  • After the ship gets stuck in the ice, Sinbad has an excellent one liner to the shirtless Kale:
    Sinbad: Oh, get a shirt on before you poke someone's eye out!
  • Sinbad muttering to himself while scaling the ice tower, clearly annoyed at Marina getting captured.
    Sinbad: She didn't see the bird? Everyone else saw it! It's as big as the frickin' ship! Marina... Marina's looking the other way.
  • After scaling a giant ice tower and out maneuvering a giant owl creature, Marina and Sinbad tumble back down to the ship. Everyone immediately expresses happiness over Marina being safe and ignore Sinbad completely, which he lampshades.
  • The Running Gag of Jin and Lin's constant Side Bets, eventually capped with "Pay up, he lived."
  • Sinbad shows off with his knife when he and Marina are hiding from the Roc.
    Sinbad: We have this! -takes out small knife-
    Sinbad: Okay, see, in the right hands a knife has a thousand uses. [shows off with the knife and accidentally reveals their hiding location to the roc. Marina glares at him.]
  • "Argh! The-the-dog, and-the-the-crew, and-that-woman!"
  • "I don't suppose a heartfelt apology would do..."
  • After the dog gets seasick and throws up: "Hey, where did he get carrots!?"
  • The absolutely disgusted and mocking tone Eris uses to describe what would happen if the good guys win: "Now, we all know what happens if you get the Book of sail back to Syracuse Proteus..."