Funny / Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

  • When Kale deems Sinbad's last move in their attack on Proteus' ship (in which he plants both his swords in the deck and spins around on top of them, kicking attacking crewmembers in the face) as 'overworked', the soldier that Kale has in a headlock nods in agreement in the instant before Kale knocks him out with a punch.
  • The infamous "Give that guy a raise." scene.
  • The amazing Parental Bonus moment when Marina claims she can convince Sinbad to go get the book and his eyes flick down to her chest for a brief second.
  • When describing the day he met Proteus, Sinbad explains that the young prince climbed down from his bedroom in the palace to save him from a group of thugs. Dinner is announced as he describes the scene:
    Sinbad: I had a sword at my throat, at my chest, at my... [begins to gesture downward]
    Crewman: [emerging from a hatch] PICKLES AN' EGGS!
  • The entire argument, complete with throwing things at each other, that Sinbad and Marina have on the back of the giant fish.
    Marina: You...egotistical...
    Sinbad: You spoiled...
    Marina: Disrespectful!
    Sinbad: Deluded!
    Marina: Pretentious, pompous!
    Sinbad: High and mighty!
    Marina: Self-centered, untrustworthy, ungrateful, impossible, insufferable!
    Sinbad: At least I'm not repressed!
    Marina: REPRESSED?! I'll show you "repressed!"
  • After the ship gets stuck in the ice, Sinbad has an excellent one liner to the shirtless Kale:
    Sinbad: Oh, get a shirt on before you poke someone's eye out!
  • Sinbad muttering to himself while scaling the ice tower, clearly annoyed at Marina getting captured.
    Sinbad: She didn't see the bird? Everyone else saw it! It's as big as the frickin' ship! Marina... Marina's looking the other way.
  • After scaling a giant ice tower and out maneuvering a giant owl creature, Marina and Sinbad tumble back down to the ship. Everyone immediately expresses happiness over Marina being safe and ignore Sinbad completely, which he lampshades.
  • The Running Gag of Jin and Lin's constant Side Bets, eventually capped with "Pay up, he lived."
  • Sinbad shows off with his knife when he and Marina are hiding from the Roc.
    Sinbad: We have this! -takes out small knife-
    Sinbad: Okay, see, in the right hands a knife has a thousand uses. [shows off with the knife and accidentally reveals their hiding location to the roc. Marina glares at him.]
  • "Argh! The-the-dog, and-the-the-crew, and-that-woman!"
  • "I don't suppose a heartfelt apology would do..."
  • After the dog gets seasick and throws up: "Hey, where did he get carrots!?"
  • The absolutely disgusted and mocking tone Eris uses to describe what would happen if the good guys win: "Now, we all know what happens if you get the Book of sail back to Syracuse Proteus..."
  • After Sinbad and Proteus are spared from execution after Eris returns the Book of Peace.
    Proteus: [to Sinbad] For what it's worth, I think the council believes you now.
    [the council stares blankly in shock, a member's hat falls off]