Funny / Space Channel 5

  • "Don't you dare to stop us!", then out of nowhere, "Waltz battle!".
  • "Sweet, sly, sexy that's me!"
    • "Dance dance and shut his trap!"
  • "There's no power! Ulala, all that's left is Dance and Jiggy power!"
  • "Oh! My poor students!"
  • When Space Michael joins your side, you can command him like an instrument by pressing the down button; doing so makes him yell his iconic "HOOOOOOO!"
  • There's literally a track in the original OST in the "Sound Effects" set of tracks that's just Ulala saying "Up" while supposedly walking into a body of water, slowly being drowned out. At the end, Fuze just groans. Said track can be found here. [1].
  • There's yet another in Part 2's OST Volume 1 (Chuuu!!) Where Ulala is faced with tongue twisters. Hilarity Ensues. [2]
  • Several song lines in Part 2 are funny simply for coming out of nowhere, especially Purge's introduction:
    Purge: They call me Purge!
    Ulala and co.: A pleasure to meet you!
  • The concept that aliens are taking over the world by forcing people to dance.