Trivia / Space Channel 5

  • Descended Creator: Takashi Thomas Yuda and Ken Okazaki, who voiced Fuse and Noize respectively in the Japanese version, are part of the creative staff for both games. Yuda works in animation and Okazaki contributed to the character design department.
  • The Other Darrin: In the English version of Part 2, all of the returning characters except Ulala (and Space Michael) have different voice actors.
    • Flashback with the Other Darrin: The intro of Part 2 shows several scenes from the first game. The voiceovers for these scenes have been redone by the Part 2 voice cast.
  • Playing Against Type: Jaguar's Japanese voice actor usually does characters that are evil.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Michael Jackson loved video games and had worked with SEGA in the past; after a SEGA exec showed him a build of their upcoming rhythm game Space Channel 5, he was so enthusiastic about the project, he wanted to be a part of it. Although the game's near-finished state limited him to just a couple of lines, he had a much larger participation in its sequel.
  • What Could Have Been: Ulala was meant to have a cameo in Bayonetta, but legal issues came up that prevented her inclusion.