Awesome / Space Channel 5
Just one of many crowning moments of epic.

Ulala's had some pretty awesome events in her time. It's only right that they should be documented.

  • Taking on Evila for the first time will have any person grinning from ear to ear. That is, if they're not busy tossing their controller.
    • In fact, pretty much everything about Evila is awesome. from her amazing stage music, to her clothes' design, her stage, and for some really technical people, her pattern. Not to mention the fact she technically comes back as Giant Evila, the literal Big Bad.
  • Dancing Purge. You're finally taking Purge on in a one on one battle, and he reveals his Super Form just for Ulala. It's a short yet really addictive battle.
  • Pretty much every boss fight, but Kin Kon Kan is an incredibly notable example.
  • Fuse sacrificing himself to save Ulala was in many people's opinion, his Crowning Moment of Awesome. Up to then, he was just a jerk who'd snap at Ulala if she messed up. In Report 6, it's shown that he's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold that really cares for Ulala.
  • Blank TV. Admit it, you had a good feeling after defeating him to A Cappella music.
    • And it turns into a gigantic Crowd Song to boot. The Blank Dimension also has a really cool animated aesthetic.
  • In Part 1, you get to save (Space) Michael Jackson. In Part 2, you get to battle, fight alongside, and then control MICHAEL JACKSON!
  • The epic guitar battle with Pudding in Part 2. See for yourself.
  • Noize himself. He pilots the Astrobeat Jr., plays drums, pilots said Astrobeat Jr., out of an exploding studio pretty quickly, ends up becoming Ulala's boss until her real boss, Fuze revealed himself to be Not Quite Dead, all while generally keeping his cool.