Funny / Slice of Life

  • Mrs. Cake (and her husband) freaking out over the prospect of Pound taking flying lessons.
    Pumpkin Cake: Mom, Dad's broken again!
  • Mrs. Cake recalls the Discord incident. With the added bonus of Pound Cake getting swarmed by butterflies.
  • The Cakes' encounter with the Seven Bons. Now we know why Bon-Bon's voice is always changing!
  • The ending of the Nightmare Night arc, which has Pound and Pumpkin reconciling with an "Awkward Sibling Hug".
  • Part 2 of how Pinkie came to know, work with, and live with the Cakes:
    Pinkie: Please note that I am wearing the serious hat.
    • Best part was that when she said that to her father, he donned his own hat.
  • Poor Mr. Cake fainted when he found out Pinkie was one of the heirs of the Pie Family Industries, the maker of the finest kind of rock molasses.
  • Mrs. Cake going int overly-worried parent mode (and dragging her husband along with her) when sending Pound Cake off to his first day at Flight Camp:
    Cup Cake: D-don't fall off! Or fly too fast! Or... or combust!
    Carrot Cake: Wait, can that happen?! Did the pamphlets say that could happen?!
  • "Never been up this high before, have you?" "Not since I was really little. That's why Pinkie isn't allowed to ask Rainbow Dash to help babysit anymore."
  • The other kids' amazed reactions to learning Pound Cake lives on the ground: "How many bears have you personally wrestled? And what does dirt taste like?"
  • The twins go to Fluttershy's house and end up finding Discord there. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The "Cutie Mark Teenagers" arc, where the Cutie Mark Crusaders (including Babs Seed) investigate a mystery at Sugarcube Corner in the style of Scooby-Doo.
    Cup Cake: Why would somepony throw a brick through our window?
    Carrot Cake: And where does the ghost come in?
    Pumpkin Cake: Maybe it was the ghost of the brick!
    Pound Cake: Can bricks have ghosts?