Funny / Skip Beat!

  • Kyoko during the reaction test in episode 3.
  • Kyoko in a giant chicken suit = Shenanigans.
  • The whole opening for episode 12. The whole thing. Kyoko turning and speed-walking from Ren and his "super gentlemanly smile" (not to mention his Bishie Sparkle). Ren cornering her before she can duck into the ladies' room and proceeding to school her on manners. The encounter being underscored by a grinning cartoon lion pouncing after a bunny that's on the run.
  • Kyoko grabbing up her little angel selves and slamming them into Sho's face in the first chapter. Hysterical on every reread of the manga.
  • Kyoko simultaneously flipping Ren off and giving him an up-yours gesture. The look on his face is priceless.
  • Kyoko going full Grudge upon hearing the story of her father's betrayal of her mother. She immediately curses her father and all his descendants, completely oblivious to the fact that by doing so, she's cursing herself too.