Heartwarming / Skip Beat!

  • Kuu and Kyoko's interactions as "father and son".
  • Maria's reunion with her father.
  • Kyoko giving Ren a Lap Pillow, despite her looking very awkward during the scene.
  • The celebration for Kyoko's birthday that follows shortly after. Really, the whole Christmas arc was one long moment of heartwarming.
  • There's something oddly heartwarming about Kyoko's tearful admission to herself and the president of LME that she actually feels love towards Ren. Even more oddly heartwarming, the way the president tells her to take a good look at her crying face in a mirror, because it will help her get better at acting if she can remember her expression and being able to use it if she were to get a role where she needs to portray a similar one.
  • The entire part of Kyouko meeting Corn in Guam. She is so dedicated to make him happy and her pure joy once she gets the smile she wanted really proves how much she cares for her fairy prince.
  • Pity it had to show up in an absolute Tearjerker of a story arc, but the president, Sho, Yashiro, Ren, and Kyoko's landlady being deeply worried about Kyoko when they all find out that Kyoko's mother states on national television that she has no daughter. It's good to see that after a horrible childhood, Kyoko is loved by good, caring people who want to see her happy - with Sho managing to put aside his jackass behavior for at least a little bit.
  • Kyouko actually causing a reaction in her mother.