Heartwarming / Skip Beat!

  • Kuu and Kyoko's interactions as "father and son".
  • Maria's reunion with her father.
  • Just how many people Kyoko finds that truly love and care for her. At the beginning, the only people that really care are her landlady/lord (and - as we later find out - Sho's parents and the "crocodile lawyer"). By the time the christmas arc comes, she has found a best friend in Moko, a advisor (and love interest) in Ren, a little sister with Maria, became friends with Yashiro, the president of LME and even Shouko, found friendly collegues in the actors and directors of Dark Moon and Box R and even got a "new father" with Kuu.
  • A minor one but certainly counts: When Kyoko found out that Mimori made a sweet fried egg bento for Sho which he hates and almost spit out, she immediately threw him a bag of salt. Though this is more to not make Mimori upset, it showed that deep down, Kyoko still cared a little about Sho. And Sho also thought: "no one knows I hate sweet egg but her, not even my mom", showing that despite having no feelings for her, he still knew that only Kyoko understands him the most.
    • Also after that, when Kyoko got carried away by hatred and strangled Sho which ruined the scene in the MV, Sho taunted her a bit about it, but then hugged her lightly to knock her some sense. Sho does have nice bones in him after all, which makes many fans think it'd be great if Sho ended up being Kyoko's friend like Kanae instead.
  • Kyoko giving Ren a Lap Pillow, despite her looking very awkward during the scene.
  • The celebration for Kyoko's birthday that follows shortly after. Really, the whole Christmas arc was one long moment of heartwarming.
  • There's something oddly heartwarming about Kyoko's tearful admission to herself and the president of LME that she actually feels love towards Ren. Even more oddly heartwarming, the way the president tells her to take a good look at her crying face in a mirror, because it will help her get better at acting if she can remember her expression and being able to use it if she were to get a role where she needs to portray a similar one.
  • Kanae telling some puffed-up actor that he can't hold a candle to Hiou, who is an actor she respects. And she admits to Hiou that she was serious, especially noting that his ability to cry for a scene in a way that it actually affected her emotionally impressed her a lot.
  • The entire part of Kyouko meeting Corn in Guam. She is so dedicated to make him happy and her pure joy once she gets the smile she wanted really proves how much she cares for her fairy prince.
  • Pity it had to show up in an absolute Tearjerker of a story arc, but the president, Sho, Yashiro, Ren, and Kyoko's landlady being deeply worried about Kyoko when they all find out that Kyoko's mother states on national television that she has no daughter. It's good to see that after a horrible childhood, Kyoko is loved by good, caring people who want to see her happy - with Sho managing to put aside his jackass behavior for at least a little bit.
  • Kyouko actually causing a reaction in her mother.
    • A little prior to that, Kyouko's mother is rather harsh with Kyouko when she finds out exactly why Kyouko came to Tokyo from the ryokan - to follow Sho. However... given the back story that follows, the caustic response is actually an incredibly awkward and poorly phrased but ultimately maternal reaction, given the fact that Kyouko's mother nearly lost any chance at a successful life due to romantic entanglements.
  • While ultimately rather sad, there's something sweet about Saena admitting to her colleague that she had unwillingly thought several times that Kyoko was quite cute and lovable as a child. It shows firmly that it was never Kyoko herself that did anything to hurt her relationship with her mother; that every part of the problem was Saena. If only she had told Kyoko that herself.