Awesome / Skip Beat!


  • The amazing feats Kyouko has performed on a bicycle.
    • Rode like hell to a store, pulled a wheelie onto a counter, and trapped the store manager under the front wheel. All because she didn't get the life-size poster of Shou that came with the initial release of his latest CD.
    • Immediately after, she rides her bike like a maniac to Darumaya, managing to complete a route that would usually take 45 minutes down to 15 minutes. Yes, she was utterly exhausted and turning into jelly after, but still!
    • When Sawara told Kyouko she'd never make it into LME and drove away in a taxi, Kyouko hit the pedals, caught up to the car and remained the same speed!
    • Borrowing someone's bicycle and going at top-speed, with Ren sitting on the luggage rack behind her, because he has never been late for his work before and she will not allow him to be late now!
  • While working as Ruriko's substitute in a scene, Kyouko is sitting in seiza on a badly-sprained ankle — which ended up turning into a crack in the bone — and looks on serenely, never letting on in how much pain she is. If ever the phrase "The show must go on" were taken to heart, she did it.
  • Kyouko figuring out ways to play her characters.
    • Mio became much more in-your-face about her hatred for Mizuki, and gets portrayed as someone who kept her huge facial scar visible on purpose, rather than get it hidden through cosmetic surgery.
    • Natsu turns out to be more fashion-conscious than initially believed to be and being an open sadist, giving a delighted smile whenever she or anyone else bullies anyone.
    • She had a slightly simpler time in portraying 'Kuon Hizuri' by imitating Corn a lot, but played him more like a slightly whiney, spoiled brat that doesn't care much for Japan or its language.
    • Setsuka already has a domineering arrogance not unlike that of Mio or Natsu, but she adds the complication that she's also selfish, bratty, and self-assured in attitude and wardrobe. There's also the fact that Setsuka has a huge brother-complex on Cain Heel. Kyouko keeps expanding on Setsuka's character, to the point that she even impresses Ren on how much she made out of 'Setsuka Heel', who had little personality in her quick conception.
  • Shou stepping up to Vie Ghoul's imitating of him.
    • He writes a new song and hands it to Shouko, knowing that the spy among his staff will leak the song to Vie Ghoul. The song in question is a remixed version of Vie Ghoul's debut song, which was already a remixed version of Shou's song. In addition, there's extra notes added on the back, which are a musical mockery of Vie Ghoul.
    • He then proceeds to tell his staff that he doesn't know who the spy is, nor does he care. None of them are friends or have to trust each other, Shou is just here to use them and their first-class talent and skills to make a new hit. Shou then tells them that nobody is allowed to leave the recording room or contact the outside, insisting they had their cellphones to Shouko. They will learn and produce the new song simply by him performing it for them at that very moment.
    • The fact that Shou has such good auditory memory that he was able to remix Vie Ghoul's song simply by passively listening to it at odd moments. Yes, Shou is a jerk and immature, but when he decides to get serious, he knows exactly how to do it.
  • Kanae laying a verbal, and physical, smackdown on some sleazebag actor that wouldn't leave her alone, and was giving Hiou a verbal beating. She tops it off with an impressive death glare.
  • Ren and the stunt driver have to abort the car race going on because of a child that suddenly ran into the street. Both manage to avoid hitting the child, spinning in several circles while keeping a safe distance from each other, and come to a stop with no physical injuries for anyone.
  • Kyouko getting the infamously uptight producer of Lotus in the Mire to give her a second chance at audition for Momiji, when he originally considered her disqualified for not having black hair.
    • And then gets him to keep allowing her to audition when he learns that she's part of the Talent section of LME.


  • The small licensing company Pied Piper were staffed by diehard fans of the franchise that wanted to give the anime a proper overseas release. When they were informed that the rights holder required an English dub, and that many larger companies had given up on selling the series with the belief that there wouldn't be a big enough fanbase to justify dubbing a Shoujo title, they took this as a challenge and made a Kickstarter to fund the dub, with support from well-known voice actors such as Christine Marie Cabanos, Caitlin Glass, Cristina Vee, and Mela Lee, who were also huge fans to star in the dub and promote the project out of their own time and money. Initially they were hoping for $155,000 to make the dub in a barebones dvd. After gathering a lot of fan support and spreading the series' quality by word of mouth, many who hadn't heard of Skip Beat also pitched in. Within a week they raised their goal, and by the second they earned $185,000, enough funds to give the anime a full Blu-Ray HD transfer for the very first time! At the end of the event, Pied Piper had raised $224,546 with a ton of extras that was worthy of a collector's addition in a quality that far surpassed any of Japan's own releases.