Awesome / Skip Beat!

  • Kyoko sitting on a twisted freaking ankle with a serene smile and saying her lines as if she weren't in a massive amount of pain. If ever the phrase "the show must go on" were taken to heart, it was in that scene.
  • Any time Kyoko reveals a new character that she's just figured out how to play. Mio and Natsu are standouts, but the girl really is a chameleon that changes for every role.
  • Setsuka Heel is everything that Kyoko isn't - selfish, bratty, and utterly self-assured in attitude and wardrobe. Sure, Kyoko could carry off domineering arrogance with Mio and Natsu but Setsuka has the added complication of being completely and utterly obsessed with her older brother. In a not entirely sisterly fashion.
  • The results of her preparations for an extremely athletic ninja in a costume production are something else too, as she uses persistence and a wee bit of networking to get her through a series of challenges, from forcing a major actor and martial arts instructor to accept her as a student to persuading the producers to give her a second chance at auditions.
  • Kanae laying the smackdown on some sleazy douchebag actor who was giving Hiou a verbal beating, and topping it off with an impressive death glare. The reactions of Hiou and his manager say it all.
  • Meta example. The small licensing company Pied Piper were staffed by diehard fans of the franchise that wanted to give the anime a proper overseas release. When they were informed that the rights holder required an English dub, and that many larger companies had given up on selling the series with the belief that there wouldn't be a big enough fanbase to justify dubbing a Shoujo title, they took this as a challenge and made a Kickstarter to fund the dub, with support from well-known voice actors such as Christine Marie Cabanos, Caitlin Glass, Cristina Vee, and Mela Lee who were also huge fans to star in the dub and promote the project out of their own time and money. Initially they were hoping for $155,000 to make the dub in a barebones dvd. After gathering a lot of fan support and spreading the series' quality by word of mouth, many who hadn't heard of Skip Beat also pitched in. Within a week they raised their goal, and by the second they earned $185,000, enough funds to give the anime a full Blu-Ray HD transfer for the very first time! At the end of the event, Pied Piper had raised $224,546 with a ton of extras that was worthy of a collector's addition in a quality that far surpassed any of Japan's own releases.