Funny / Silent Hill Origins

  • The UFO ending. "...You drive stick?"
  • Most of the alternate costumes you can unlock. Going through Silent Hill wearing a Mexican Wrestler outfit or full-body dog suit? Perfect Nightmare Retardant!
  • Alessa normally doesn't express much emotion when she appears to Travis, but after you defeat Caliborn, she walks over the dead boss and, still stoic as ever, gives it a firm kick in the head. She did not like that character in the play.
  • Travis seems at a loss for words when describing the Flauros during his tirade with Alessa, only really able to settle on calling it a "thing" after searching for a term that sounded less like Buffy Speak.
  • Some of the weapons Travis hurls at enemies are portable T Vs and typewriters which he stores in his Hyperspace Arsenal. Watching him try to pick up other things like clues while holding a wine bottle is hilarious.