Funny: Shining Time Station

  • Schemer falling in the Lucky Ducky Pond. That is all.
  • Schemer tripping over and getting caught up in a tent is also quite amusing.
  • In "Stacy Forgets Her Name", an amnesic Stacy freaking out at seeing Mr. Conductor:
    Stacy: AAAAH!!! A LITTLE MAN!
  • When the baseball team is short a player, Schemer dresses up Midge Smoot in a uniform and tries to pass her off as a kid.
    J.B. King: (pinching her cheek) And how old are you, little girl?
    Midge: (pinching him harder) It's not polite to ask a little girl how old she is!
    Sledgebolt: That's no little girl! She's old enough to be my mother! (Midge glares) Okay! My sister!