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  • The crowning moment from episode 1, as it cuts away from the rather grim opening of Mugen and Jin accepting their "execution":
    Title Card: Three Days Earlier...
    (Long, awkward beat)
    (Episode rewinds a la VHS back to "Three Days Later" Title Card)
  • In episode 2, the samurai who gets in the spring with Jin starts talking about how fireflies mate, sometimes homosexually.
    Samurai: [Enters bath and interrupts greetings to observe fireflies] Beautiful, aren't they? Do you know why fireflies glow like that? It's a form of communication. Signals sent by the males and females to attract one another. However, they say that every once in a while, a male will try to attract another male.
    Jin: Time to go.
  • Jin's brief Shamisen performance near the end of episode 3. It is hilariously bad, and both Jin and the mooks know it. After a couple seconds, Jin gives up and draws his sword.
  • This mook's exclamation in episode 3 after Jin drops his Disguised in Drag. "Cross-dressers! I mean, double crossers!"
  • Fuu's epic diceroll in Ep. 4.
  • The eating contest, the narration is so Hot-Blooded.
    This... this girl's stomach is a Cosmos unto itself! It's connected to the void of the universe!
    How much can a human being eat? One has to ask: Where have we been? Where are we going? Their forms are like unto the gods themselves! This is truly awe inspiring!
    What we may very well be witnessing here today is a birth... the birth of the next stage in human stomach evolution.
  • Isaacís Occidental Otaku tendency to spout out bits of info heís learned about, especially if youíve started taking East Asian studies in college.
    Isaac: (Excitedly) Thatís wabi-sabi, right?
    Mugen: (Irritated) Thatís wasabi.
  • "Something just popped out."
  • The beatboxing guy in episode 8. Drunk Jin is pretty hilarious, too. What tops both of these, though, is the end of episode 9. Mugen's trip (even if it's a little...excessive for weed) is only the beginning.
    • It was an entire field of weed; it's justified.
    • Hungover Mugen and Jin from episode 8 was funny as well.
  • "Maijin Fuu". Whenever Fuu gets a chance to engorge herself with food, her entire body physically changes. She becomes so bloated, that in one episode, two men were searching for her. When they saw her (now back to normal size), they continued looking, saying that there was no chance it could have been her.
  • The plot in general for episode 15. It's amazing what Mugen will do to get some action.
    Mugen: I want my nookie!!
    • When Mugen and Jin are introduced to the only pretty Geisha in the brothel, they immediately start playing Rock Paper Scissors like two frat boys. When Jin loses he collapses dramatically to the ground. Mugen, on the other hand, gloats like the champ he is.
    • Jin, despite dispatching five ninja in a Single-Stroke Battle (as in he kills five ninja with one slash), groans about his backache due to his night with the ladies.
    • Yatsuha, a female ninja disguised as a Geisha, who ends up manipulating Mugen with promises of sex if he kicks a criminal group's ass. And falls in love with him in the end. It's clear she's way in over her head with the guy, but that doesn't stop her from clobbering him over the head twice with a simple distraction:
    Yatsuha: Hey look, a naked lady!
  • The travellers in episode 16 who rap about Yoshitsune.
    He's fat, he's fly, he's tall as the sky/Always grabs his rocks when the bitches walk by!
    And the dude's so handsome all the bitches wanna pants him!
  • The end of the episode 18. He's graffitied everything Jin and Fuu own, including themselves and Momo (whom he has labeled "Animal").
    • Hell, "War of the Words" in general. What you have here is a graffiti rivalry of epic proportions and a Crazy Awesome teacher. I mean, he overpowers Mugen, lectures him on the disgrace of being an illiterate and forces him to CHUG a bottle of sake in a fit of drunk rage and then passes out with Mugen in a headlock. The next day, he KIDNAPS Mugen and forces him to learn how to read through a rousing motivational speech! And he's voiced by Norio Wakamoto!
    • When there's a graffiti battle going on, the teacher gets real pissed, but he's not mad at the graffiti. He's mad that the graffiti artists wrote the character wrong!
  • Jin and Mugen's last confrontation. They've survived self impalement and explosions respectively and are damn tired, but they FINALLY have their last battle. They clash blades once, and both of them break. Their reaction?
    Mugen: Damn, we suck!
    *Both of them faint*

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