Funny / Saga

The comic book series

  • The first words of the series:
    Hazel's Narration: This is how an idea becomes real.
    Alana: Am I shitting? It feels like I'm shitting!
  • Issue #11, the first few pages we see Marko and Alana finish "being intimate." Hazel's snarky narration is just icing on the cake:
    Hazel: Yeah, yeah, so my mom and dad used to have sex. What, like your parents just willed you into existence?
    • There's also Alana's response to realizing that Marko finished inside her (Justified worries, given they're both still fugitives at the time and all):
    Marko: Are you kidding? I thought you told me to finish inside you.
    Alana: That was Sexy Alana! She's a crazy person! Sexy Alana is obsessed with her nipples and uses the word "dick" unironically! She's not to be trusted!
  • The explicitly described Meet Cute between Alana and Marko, which is Alana hitting Marko around the head with the butt of her rifle, preceded by a spoof of Twilight and its fans involving her absurdly devoted reaction to a book about a rock monster who falls in love.
  • Izabel: The giant evil space fetus just shot black goo from its eyes!
  • When Marko suggests Barr as a name.
    Alana: Like a tavern? Like a soap?
    Marko: My father's name is Barr.
    Alana: (awkward fake smile) Oh. And I love it!
  • Izabel as a flaming gorilla chasing away a group of insane cultists while flipping them off and yelling "Yeah, that's right! Flee in terror, bitches!"
  • The Stalk: Oh, fuck you, you self-righteous piece of... bald!
  • "What are they up to now? Is Alana...praying?" "No. No, she most certainly is not."
  • Sophie, Gwen and The Brand find the male dragon they were looking for. It's auto-fellating.
    Sophie: It's a boy, all right.
    • Gwendolyn, who is wearing a very horrified expression on her face, covers Sophie's eyes. As you can see from the quote above, it doesn't work.