Funny / Spawn

The film:

  • A lot of Spawn's interactions with Clown.
    Clown: Everytime someone farts a demon gets his wings.
    (Farts twice)
    Clown: Oops, twins!
    • "Spawny, Spawny, he's our man!"
    • "In the name of the people and things of Hell, I dub thee...Spawn, general of Hell's armies. Arise, Your Crispness! Arise, Duke of Deep-Fried! Sultan of Sizzling! Emir of Ooey-Gooey! "

  • Spawn's reaction to his hands forming into claws to help him scale the walls and escape the Swat team.
    Spawn: Holy shit!!!

  • Clown's reaction to being spotted by a couple of Hollywood Satanists:
    "Why does God get all the good followers and we get all the retards?"

The animated series:

  • In response to Clown being an annoying Jerkass:
    Spawn: Look! Back off, before I permanently introduce your face to your colon.

The comic:

  • In the first issue, we get this Black Comedy bit with Sam and Twitch investigating on a crime scene:
    Sam: And he wasn't killed by the fall?
    Twitch: No, sir. It was his heart.
    Sam: Heart failure?
    Twitch: Umm... you might say that, sir. It was removed.
    Sam: Removed?
    Twitch: Yes, sir. It was stuffed in his mouth.
  • Spawn and the other bums in the alley get drunk and sing the Flintstones theme song.
  • In an early issue, one of the bums is Elvis.