Heartwarming: SaGa

The comic book series

  • Hazel's birth.
  • Izabel deciding to help Alana and Marko in spite of the possibility that either Alana's or Marko's race caused the genocide of Izabel's people.
  • The Will killing Slave Girl's pimp and his later rescue of her.
  • Barr inquiring about Hazel.
    Barr: Is it...normal?
    Alana: No, she's fucking perfect!
    • Later that issue, Barr holds his granddaughter and says to himself (or her), "Hazel, eh? Beautiful goddamn name."
  • Marko's father asks Alana why she has risked so much to be with Marko. She replies "Because your son is so goddamn beautiful." He chuckles that looks don't last, and then she really makes you want to get the tissues when she says "I wasn't talking about his looks".
  • Alana and Marko's first kiss. She finds out he's being transferred from her prison to Blacksite, which is a death sentence. Marko knows, but he's accepted his fate. So Alana shoots off his ball and chain.
    Marko: Why are you doing this?
    Alana: Why do you think?
  • The Will giving Slave Girl a name - Sophie.
    • Made more heartwarming when it's revealed in issue 18 that The Will named Sophie after his sister, The Brand, who he had been estranged with.
  • From issue 14.
    Sophie: My name is Sophie. I am six and a half years old.
    Lying Cat: (silent)
    Sophie: I can stand on one leg for a real long time. My favorite color is blue-green. I want to be a doctor or a dancer when I am grown up.
    Lying Cat: (silent)
    Sophie: I am all dirty on the inside because I did bad things with...
    Lying Cat: LYING
    Sophie: (hugs Lying Cat)
  • From issue 18, when Alana flies for the first time:
    Alana: How? How did you know...?
    Marko: What, that my wife can do anything? Isn't it obvious?