Funny / Superhot


SUPERHOT is a strange and charming shooter game, with a lot of Funny Moments to be had due to the popup messages.
  • Although the appearance of the Commander might be a little creepy, his voice acting is (probably intentionally) hammed up which makes it funny.
  • In a couple of levels in the prototype, a handful of secret messages can be activated by doing certain things. Going up to a pair of giant sunglasses in a gallery will give you the message "ART IS ART" and jumping out of a certain window will give you "A NICE VIEW TO A DEATH".
  • Each level ends with a voice saying "SUPER. HOT." repeatedly, with the screen flashing the words appropriately in time, as if to remind you just what you're playing, or as a bizarre complement directed towards the player.
    • ...which turns to Fridge Horror when the player discovers that it's a hypnotic trigger to give control over to The System.
  • As you get closer to the baddies in level three, their aim seems to get wilder and wilder, somehow shooting windows a full 45 degrees to your side, and on rare occasion even each other.
    • Perhaps they are panicking because they can't hit you.
  • One level in the game has you in a cell, and demands you to stop moving. Once you comply, the game starts building up with a countdown, only to say "GOOD DOG".
    • Another has the player placed in a cell with no weapons or escape with enemies at the top firing down on them. The game tells you "DODGE DOG". Later, as all the enemies start firing, the game says "DIE DOG". Getting hit at this point flashes "GOOD DOG".
  • FOLDER: SECRET > PRIVATE > REALLY > porn.txt > "What are you looking for here?"
  • The full game starts several of its levels with puns that wouldn't be out of place in a Schwarzenegger movie.
    • "WRONG TURN", as a level starts with a truck attempting to run over the player.
    • A bar level has "MORE SHOTS"
    • One office level has the game saying "YOU'RE FIRED" as enemies storm in.
    • Another level starts with the player surprising enemies by hiding in the back of a truck, what does the game say? "INSIDE JOB". And after taking out a few of them, "THEY NEVER SAW IT COMING"
  • While digging around in the second level, looking for Easter Eggs, you'll eventually notice a rotating desk fan on the roof of a ceiling. Approaching it gives the message: FAN. SERVICE.
  • At one point, after being told the creators of superhot.exe are going to use you as a tool, you are asked if you would like additional details. Saying "yes" will prompt the game to dump an incredibly long EULA-style document that scrolls at an impossible-to-read speed. Naturally, this is filled with easter eggs.
    Zoot Suits
    User shall guarantee that user will never wear a so-called "Zoot Suit". If user is monitored, photographed, video-recorded, or otherwise detected wearing such a "Zoot Suit" they shall be considered in violation and terminated.
  • ggroups.exe is a chatroom you can find in-game. After finding all the secrets you get the system's perspective on it. And during that, you get one great Out-of-Character Moment where the system is genuinely impressed by a guy's high score in the tree cutting minigame.
  • Some Fridge Logic may be needed for this, but in the VR campaign, at a certain point in the story your character takes off their headset to find that one of their monitors has been broken. Because of how close they're standing to their screens, your character probably punched out that monitor by accident while they were in VR.