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Funny: SCTV
The show has plenty of funny moments to choose from, so to name several:

  • The Great White North sketches in general.
  • Anytime somebody blows up in Farm Film Report.
  • The Johnny LaRue movie Polynesiantown has Vic dying after getting hit by a rib truck, which is ironic since he poisoned the rib sauce in an attempt to steal Dr. John's gems. He literally keels over in an over-the-top fashion.
  • The Dick Cavett Show with Dick Cavett. note 
  • Every promo for Melvin and Howard (later named Melvin and Howards). The last of which has Curly Howard!
  • The Man Who Would Be King Of The Popes.
  • The Milk of Amnesia ad.
  • The Grapes of Mud.
  • Mrs. Falbo's Tiny Town, especially when she accidentally catches the king and queen doing S&M on her telescope.
  • The Fantasy Island parody, especially with John Candy as the midget Tattoo.
    • The ending, followed by the band playing "Disco Lucy" (Unfortunately the NBC version cuts that scene short).
  • Benny Hill Street Blues. note 
  • What fits into Russia?
  • Tibor's Tractor, which has a talking tractor that used to be a man (specifically Nikita Khrushchev).
  • The Zontar episode. It turns out that Hank Bain, a new cast member, is working for Zontar, who seeks to abduct the staff at SCTV due to how funny they are because of his obsession with television, and he does this by sending cabbages to possess the staff. Thankfully, Gerry Todd is immune to this.
    • Larry Seigel has a hard time producing "Different Folks", which stars Bain.
    • The Overbooked Lawyer. The cherry on the sundae is where his pizza is delivered and he makes Kool-Aid.
    • DeForest Kelley plugs a movie called "The Julia Child Story", where he plays her husband.
  • "Emergency Caterers".
    "The sardines were the last to go!"
  • "Walter Cronkite's Brain". It starts out as a typical documentary, and it then it reaches Mind Screw levels.
  • The Running Gag of Perini Scleroso in advertising.
  • Monster Chiller Horror Theatre presents "Slinky... Toy From Hell".
  • "The Merv Griffin Show" in the 60's. Especially Griffin's laugh. "Boo-hoo-hoo-wah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!"
  • The skit for the "Steeplechase" game show.
  • "Pepi Longsocks".
  • Bobby Bittman's little brother Skip guest starring on "The Sammy Maudlin Show".
  • The "Doorway To Hell" story with Wilcox and his dummy. Doubles as Nightmare Fuel for the first half.
  • "Hollywood Squares: The Home Version".
  • "The Nana Mouskouri Story".
  • "Vikings And Beekeepers". Makes you wonder what was going through the cast's heads when they came up with this.
  • Dr. Tongue's Evil House of Pancakes.
    "Would you like some more pancakes?"
    "Would you like some more syrup?"
  • "The Lone Ranger Show".
  • Angus Crock talking about lake monsters.
  • Earl Camembert trying (and failing) to get a date.
  • Fish Police note .
  • Logos Galore.
  • Babe Ruth showing up in "Lust For Paint" during Toulouse's death, and beating him up after being mistaken for Baboon.
  • "Murder Is Bad For Your Health", distributed by Alfred Hitchcock.
  • All of the CBC show, Garth and Gord and Fiona and Alice in particular.
    • Gord announcing he got Alice pregnant, after disappearing with her into the kitchen for maybe twenty seconds.
    Garth and Gord: Yonge Street!!!
  • ''Ben Hur'', all of it. Points go to John Candy as Curly Howard as Ben Hur.
    • Points also for Eugene Levy and Dave Thomas being a Roman centurion version of Abbott and Costello.
  • Floyd the barber petitioning The Godfather to kill Opie is one of the greatest concepts in comedy history.
    • There are lots of great bits in that sketch: Jack Woltz...err...Leonard Bernstein and his Mister Ed obsession, Caballero getting shot hundreds of times and surviving mostly unscathed, the whole "network war" thing, and Ugazzo Vision is a very accurate portrayal of cable TV circa 1981.
  • Do-It-Yourself Dentistry, starring Harold Ramis as Mort Finkel, who is here to tell you, dear viewer, how to fill in your own cavities using rum as a painkiller in lieu of novocaine. Extra funny because Ramis drinks actual rum, something he didn't know he was going to do until he actually drank it. He ended up actually drunk. One hopes that was the last sketch filmed that day, because otherwise the rest of the cast had to deal with a drunk Harold Ramis wandering around the studio.
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