Funny / Run, Fat Boy, Run!

  • At the bakery, the little old lady with Number 50 does not approve of Dennis.
  • After a tense dramatic moment when Libby accepts Whit's proposal, Gordon emerges from the back in a bathrobe and towel, sipping champagne, asking, "What did I miss?"
  • The Wimp Fight between Gordon and Dennis, culminating in mutual Groin Attacks.
  • Though it's mainly dramatic, the moment Dennis hits the wall is also hilarious - because it's a hallucinatory solid brick wall.
  • The newscasters' increasingly enthusiastic, bordering on unprofessional, attitude towards Dennis's completion of the marathon.
  • During the Training Montage, Dennis cracks numerous eggs into a glass and tries to drink from it. He fails miserably. Also during the same montage, he falls over trying to use a skipping rope. The whole montage, really.
  • Dennis keeps forgetting the keys to his flat. When he tries calling Mr G to let him in, Mr G doesn't appear to recognise him. Especially funny the second time:
    Dennis: "FUCK!"
    Mr G: "Who the hell are you?"
    Dennis: "Just open the bloody door!"
    Mr G: OK.
  • The blister scene. Dennis can't pop it himself, so he asks Gordon to do it. Gordon doesn't wait for three and slams the nail into Dennis's foot. And then when he pulls it out...
    Gordon: "That was the second-most disgusting fluid I've ever had in my eye!"
  • Dennis's looks of shock in the locker room scene when Whit drops his towel, giving Dennis a view he really didn't want. Then we have this gem:
    Whit: You can see my point, can't you?
    Dennis: Yes, I can.
    • Even funnier in the alternate takes when Dennis replies, Its all I can see.