Funny / Return to Castle Wolfenstein

  • In the second mission's third level, one room has a pair of Nazis recovering from a chase...
    Nazi 1: phew ...I think we lost them...
    Nazi 2: Oh, thank God.
    Nazi 1: ...Hey, where are we?
    Nazi 2: Hmm... I think we lost us too.
  • Several amusing safety notes can be found scattered around, particularly one describing a typo in the cablecar maintenance manualNote  (that resulted in several deaths) and a stern warning not to brew coffee in the rocket-plane's fuel mixing system.
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein has an amusing conversation with an exasperated driver trying to get a guard to let him enter the occupied village with a truckload of food for the General's mansion, mostly cases of cheese. It ends with him being refused, and the following:
    Driver: "Then what am I supposed to do with all this cheese?"
    Guard: "I don't know. Find some crackers?"