YMMV: Return to Castle Wolfenstein

  • Demonic Spiders: Lopers are crazy fast and can take a lot of hits. It's almost impossible to kill one without losing at least a third of your health/armor.
  • Play the Game, Skip the Story: Common in any game where the story is mostly told in the way of optional logs that you can pick up and read.
  • Scrappy Level: Both infiltration levels, but the winner is the first one. It takes place in daylight.
  • That One Boss: If you already have trouble fighting the Proto-Soldier, than you'll be in hell once you fight the Ubersoldat. The Tesla Gun prevents you from ever moving away to safety, draining your health away unless you're lucky enough to find a barrier, forcing you to take potshots. Even worse is that enemies will arrive taking potshots at you with their lugers as you'll be desperate to run for armor and health. The cutscene even mentions that BJ is beaten pretty badly after the battle.