Funny / Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

  • Near the beginning of the Train Derailment segment, there's this exchange between Rebecca and Billy:
    Billy: Watch your step, princess!
    Rebecca: (annoyed) Don't call me "princess"!
    • Then a little bit after, Rebecca asks Billy about how he got in the train to begin with. Billy replies that the security detail transferring him was killed by the zombies. Then this exchange happens:
    Rebecca: So, you figured it was the perfect chance to make your escape, huh? Well, not on my watch.
    Billy: I just saved your ass back there, and you still want to arrest me?
  • During the last part of Ada's segment, she uses a grappling hook pistol onto cargo that's being airlifted by a helicopter. At that exact moment, a Hunter leaps at Ada as she gets hoisted away, only to grab her shoe. Ada snarks with "You can have it!" as she flies away. Cut to the Hunter holding Ada's shoe in one claw with the biggest "durrr" look on its face as it looks at the shoe.