Funny / Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

  • Leon nicknames the Tyrant that chases him and Claire "Trenchy".
  • The example most players fondly remember from Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is the first stage of Game of Oblivion (the Code Veronica segment) where in a cutscene where Claire is finding information on her brother and the camera is behind her, it oh so conveniently pans downward and treats both the player and Steve to a glorious shot of Clare's rather curvaceous ass. Needless to say, Steve, looks on with a wide grin whilst he rubs his chin and then promptly resorts to twirling his gun around when Claire begins to suspect what he's doing.
    • What makes this funnier is that Leon who wasn't even there for the events of Code Veronica is the one recounting these events. Make of that what you will.
  • In the third stage of Memory of a Lost City (the Resident Evil 2 segment), Leon and Claire come across Sherry whom is running for her life from the various hazards of the stage while Leon and Claire give chase. No doubt while the player is going around shooting everything in sight and Leon and Claire breaking down anything blocking their way to getting to Sherry, Leon in all his wisdom asks this question
  • Because this is a game that rewards the player from not only destroying enemies, but also the environment. Not only is there an achievement for this (the achievement called "Trigger Happy"), but a player's tendency to destroy everything around them can lead to some very hilarious situations (like when Claire and Steve are supposed to be quiet and listen in on Alfred's conversation with Alexia) and no consequences will occur for being as noisy as possible.
  • Being an on-rail shooter where Claire and Leon must stick together, Darkside Chronicles at long last allows Ada Wong and Claire Redfield to come face to face with one another during the scene where Leon initially meets up with Ada in the police garage. As expected, Claire is not a fan, coming across from not trusting her to being flat out annoyed with her. It's all done in a very subtle fashion and thankfully not overblown, but most male players will get the vibe that perhaps there's something else going on with her.
    • This particular interaction which occurs while they go looking for Ada merits some attention
    Claire: "Wait Leon, if she (Ada) did come through here why would she go alone? There's just something about her that bothers me."
    Leon: "She just wants to get out of here Claire, and she needs our help".
    Claire: "*scoffs* Men...(sounding a bit ticked) you just wanna impress her don't you?"
    Leon: "*scoffs* Women....
    • And then this one after a brief reunion with her (she's behind a massive door and can only speak through a ventilation shaft. She just tosses the player a magnum revolver and then abruptly leaves them again.
    Claire: (sounding annoyed) "There she goes again..."
    Leon: "If she can get out safely then that's all that matters."
    Claire: "(sounding bummed) Well...if you want we could go after her."
    Leon: "No, it's fine. We need to find Sherry."
    Claire: "(Suddenly sounding upbeat and cheerful) Okay."
    • And then of course her reaction to Leon's story during a cutscene where he recounts how Ada mends his wounds after he saved her from Annette Birkin.
    Claire: "Guess she's on our side, (sounding bummed) lucky us..."
  • While Ada and Leon's interactions in Resident Evil 2 weren't exactly exempt from being cringe worthy they have a certain touching aspect to them. Here while most of their interactions do seem a lot better due to a better script and sounding a bit more natural, during Ada's "death" scene, her line of "favor...returned" just really makes your skin crawl with how cringe worthy the line is, even if it's a little funny.
  • Although Alfred Ashford is a lot more bloodthirsty and psychotic is this game, it's still sometimes hard to take him seriously when he insists on pissing off Steve just to get a rouse out of hims.
  • This exchange between Leon and Krauser, stuck in a huge, flooding room with zombies, infected piranha and Hunter Gammas:
    Krauser: "It's dark, it's wet, there's monsters..."
    Leon: "Turnin' out to be one hell of a day, huh?"
    Krauser: "At least I got you here backin' me up, though, huh boyscout?"
    Leon: "You're not gonna ask me to hold your hand, are you?"
    Krauser: "If only your aim was as good as your jokes."
  • After you beat the game, a slightly absurd special stage is unlocked where you play through the first RE2 stage with blocks of tofu replacing zombies. The sight of mowing down rampaging hordes of tofu is just funny. One is even chased off by two zombie dogs and another is eaten by a pair of zombies who run away from you after being spotted.
  • Ada Wong has a lipstick mine launcher. How this even begins to make sense is all lost if you just forgive it as it saves Leon's life from Mr. X and is pretty awesome in it's own right.