Nightmare Fuel: Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

  • The Radio Chatter from HUNK's level. Among other things, you hear demands from a police woman as she tries to regroup survivors, the last broadcasts from a radio station being surrounded by zombies, ads for Umbrella medicinal products, the desperate pleading of an injured, trapped survivor of HUNK's Alpha Team, and, perhaps the creepiest, a nameless man's psychotic breakdown, with fits of insane laughter and weeping assertions of the hopelessness of the situation.
    • One woman can be heard saying "Freeze! Don't come any closer!", afterwards you hear her screaming as she is likely eaten.
  • The licker hallway is worse too. It's just a huge bloodbath now, literally.
  • The Black Tiger spider. They redesigned it from a tarantula reskin to resemble funnelwebs. Rebecca has the displeasure of fighting two of them face to face in Umbrella Chronicles.
    • In Darkside Chronicles has Leon legging it when he faces two spiders, who had again gone through a mild redesign, crawling along the walls towards him.
  • Colonel Sergei Vladimir. His introduction leads one to charitably think he's insane, and that's before he starts cutting himself, and his One-Winged Angel form looks... off.
  • The creepy OST music that plays during the bonus "Nightmare" level on Umbrella Chronicles. Try listening to that with the lights off before going to sleep. Sweet dreams!