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Funny: Reservoir Dogs
  • "...And as for this non-college bullshit I got two words for that: learn to fuckin' type."
  • Joe giving out the names.
    Mr. Pink: ''Whoa why am I 'Mr. Pink'?
    • Pink suggests he be called Mr Purple instead.
    Joe: You're not Mr. Purple. Some guy on some other job is Mr. Purple. You're Mr. PINK!
    • Also:
    Mr. Brown: Yeah, yeah, but "Mr. Brown"? That's a little too close to "Mr. Shit."
  • The look from the cops that Mr. Orange gets while he's drying his hands in the bathroom during the "Commode Story."
  • Orange's partner when he's about to tell him the joke.
    Orange: What's this?
    Holdaway: It's an amusing anecdote about a drug deal.
    Orange: A what?
    Holdaway: Something funny that happened to you while you were doing a fucking job, man!
  • Mr. Brown's explanation of Madonna's "Like A Virgin."
    Brown: Dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick.
    Blue: How many dicks is that?
    White: A lot.
  • Mr. Blonde talking into Marvin's severed ear.
  • Mr. Blonde dancing to "Stuck in the Middle With You," even if it is Nightmare Fuel too.
  • The K-Billy DJ's pronunciation of "behemoth".
  • Mr. Pink explaining his escape from the bank, and the conversation after it.
    Mr. Pink: I tagged a couple cops. You kill anybody?
    Mr. White: A few cops.
    Mr. Pink: No real people?
    Mr. White: Just cops.
  • Mr. White explains to Mr. Orange the art of shaking down people in a jewelry store, including Fingore; after he's done, he follows up with, "I'm hungry, let's get a taco."
  • "You shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologize."
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