Awesome / Reservoir Dogs
"Are you gonna bark all day little doggie, or are you gonna bite?" He bit.

  • The scene of the main cast walking to the cars in slow motion to the tune of "Little Green Bag". That is all.
  • Mr. Pink's action sequence.
  • Mr. Orange emptying his whole gun into Mr. Blonde to save Marvin Nash. With a bullet in his gut. And since he'd been a hysterical wreck before that scene, the effect is even more powerful.
    • The fact that Marvin did know Mr. Orange was The Mole and said jack-shit to Mr. Blonde about it, even when he was being tortured, about to be set on fire and begging for his life.
  • The Mexican Stand Off, full-stop.
    • Made even more epic when you realize that Mr. White is able to shoot both Joe and Nice Guy Eddie dead in the time it took Eddie to fatally wound him.
    • Material on the 10th Anniversay DVD set has indicated that Eddie's squib was not supposed to go off at that moment, but for an unknown reason, it was triggered at the same time that Mr. White's and Joe's were. The actor playing Eddie, Chris Penn, fell down because it felt like he ought to, and Tarantino chose not to reshoot the scene, both to save money on the production and because he felt it might turn out to be "the biggest controversy of the movie".