Funny / Ratman's Notebooks

  • Ratman interrupts a couple's date. Both Ratman and the girlfriend notice how utterly cowardly the boyfriend is.
  • "Cover my car."
  • In the 2003 movie, Willard's boss Mr. Stiles goes to reach for a computer mouse, and finds a live rat in its place.
  • Willard's mother in the 2003 film is unintentionally hilarious.
    • "Willard, from now on your name is Clark. Goodnight, Clark."
    • Even funnier when he's in the bathroom with Socrates later and she begins squawking, "Claaaark! Claaaaaaaark!"
    • "It's cooking oil! Oh, Willard, you're too old for that! When will - when will you find yourself a girl?"note