Funny / Ratman's Notebooks

  • Ratman interrupts a couple's date. Both Ratman and the girlfriend notice how utterly cowardly the boyfriend is.
  • "Cover my car."
  • In the 2003 movie, Willard's boss Mr. Stiles goes to reach for a computer mouse, and finds a live rat in its place.
  • Willard's mother in the 2003 film is unintentionally hilarious.
    • "Willard, from now on your name is Clark. Goodnight, Clark."
    • Even funnier when he's in the bathroom with Socrates later and she begins squawking, "Claaaark! Claaaaaaaark!"
    • "It's cooking oil! Oh, Willard, you're too old for that! When will - when will you find yourself a girl?"note 
  • When he's not an outright Hate Sink, Frank Martin in the 2003 movie can be rather funny, with some of his hammier moments reminding the viewer of R. Lee Ermey's most popular role.
    Frank Martin: (while storming to his office) You're a slimy, pukey piece of shit! You wouldn't make a pimple on my grandmother's tush!