Funny / Race to Witch Mountain

  • "Yes, we are very lucky kids to not have had our flesh eaten by the aliens."
  • Everytime Seth or Sara address Jack as "Jack Bruno!"
  • "Experience your car trouble in the morning, when we're open."
  • Jack removes the Siphon's mask,
    "You looked better with the mask on"
  • Sara watching a live performance at the UFO convention.
    Sara: Is this a re-enactment of an important incident in human history?
  • "A wise human once said, you are what you think you are." "Then why not ask him?!" "It was the Buddha. He's unavailable."
  • Genre Savvy: "Don't go in the pimped out fridge, Jack."
  • This scene in the UFO;
    Jack: You do know how to fly this thing, right?
    Seth: How do you think we got here?
    Jack: Well, you crashed, remember?
  • Sara generally getting her way, such as using her powers to allow the dog to hitch a ride, and then getting Jack to pull over so the dog can take a leak.
  • Jack explaining to a couple of people mocking Dr. Friedman how something is a matter of life and death.
    Jack: You're currently alive. Unless you take us to Harlan, you'll be dead.