Funny: Pokémon Red and Blue

  • Professor Oak...He came.
  • Your first conversation with your mom. "All boys leave home someday. It says so on TV."
  • "I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!" This single line spoken by a trainer has spawned a whole lot more "shorts" trainers.
    • "HEY! You're not wearing shorts!"
    • Even a girl in B2/W2 who says that her dress is comfy and easy to wear.
  • The Rocket who asks you if you'd like to join the team. "We're a group dedicated to evil using Pokemon!"
  • The fact that you can name your rival whatever you want...the poor guy.
    • Pokemon are not immune to this either. Come on, how many of us are guilty of doing something like this...and especially this, getting a chuckle and snicker every single time?
    • The fact that he forgot his grandson's name.
  • Defeating Blue can feel like this. He is all cocky and so sure you're going to lose, only for you to hand his ass to him.
    • His desperate attempts to save face are pretty funny as well. When you beat him for the last time before the league, he claims that you still need practice. That's right, dude, I just curbstomped your entire team and I'm the one who needs practice.
  • OH NO! I dropped the lift key!
  • The remakes lampshade how ridiculous it is to pay 500 currency for a Magikarp.
    Player paid an outrageous Ľ500 and bought the Magikarp...
    • Gets even funnier if you have a Gyarados before you'd obtain the fishing rod.
  • If you interact with a TV from the side or back, it tells you "Oops, wrong side".
  • While looking around inside the Celadon Game Corner before traveling to the secret path into Team Rocket's HQ, you can randomly come across the Gym Leader's aide playing the slots.
    They offer rare Pokémon that can be exchanged for your coins. But, I just can't seem to win!
  • The remakes add a phone to the Rocket HQ. If you examine it, the game says "It's a phone. Better not use it."
  • In Yellow, Pikachu's reaction to Bill stepping out of the teleporter is priceless.
  • Due to the fact that Fire Red and Leaf Green are remakes of Gen 1, with mostly the same Pokemon, if you attempt to evolve Golbat or Chansey into Crobat or Blissey before obtaining the National Pokedex, the evolution will suddenly cease with a humorous reaction to the occasion afterwards. This never occurs in any other remake, but it is hilarious when it occurs, even moreso when it happens to people who played through Ruby and Sapphire expecting a Crobat.
  • If you complete the National Dex, Professor Oak lets out a hilarious yell that is juxtaposed with what he says before and after.
    • "Truly, this is a fantastic feat! Wroooooooaaaaaarrrr! Thank you, Player!