Funny / PokéPark Wii

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    Pikachu's Adventure 
  • Slowpoke asks Pikachu to play Chase. When Pikachu says yes, Slowpoke proceeds to run walk slowly away... By the time you can tackle him, he barely moves five feet away from you. You get the same thing from Caterpie.
    • Five feet? Caterpie is pretty much in the same place when the count-down starts and ends.
      • What's even more funny is if you let him win,
    Caterpie: What do you think? Don't judge a book by it's cover!
  • When you play Hide-and-Seek with Psyduck, he's usually just sitting out in the open.
  • Magikarp in Venusaur's Vine Swing attraction. The determination on his face as he's hanging from the vine, PLUS his landing expression caused many people to crack up.
    • Magikarp in Bulbasaur's Daring Dash. The most hardcore thing you will ever experience in the game.
    • Magikarp in the actual game's refined, cultured manner of speaking.
    • Just the fact that Magikarp participates in three of the attractions in the game, and the swimming one is not one of them.
    • What's even funnier is how you even befriend him in the first place. You find him splashing about behind a waterfall in the Meadow Zone until you shock him to get him out. Then he proves to be surprisingly good at Chase.
  • Meowth's quiz game in the Cavern Zone.
    Question 1: Was there a hot spring here when you got here?
    1: Yes
    2: No
    3: I don't know
    Question 2: Can Dugtrio fly?
    1: Yes
    2: No
    3: I don't know
    Question 3: What comes out of Bonsly's eyes?
    1: Water
    2: Rainbows
    3: Fire
  • Murkrow bragging about how fast he is, only to be as fast as Caterpie when you play with him.
    • After you beat him, he says something to the effect of "Yeah, I probably should've just flown."
  • In the same vein as Meowth above, Corsola's quiz game in the Beach Zone.
    Question 1: What does your tail look like?
    1: Nothing
    2: The Moon
    3: A Lightning Bolt
  • The absurd cheapness of the Legendaries when they're playable is actually pretty funny.
  • Whenever bystanders become involved in a battle, the situation is likely to become this. Special points go to whenever the bystander defeats the opposing Pokémon for you.
  • There are some Idle Animations that play when standing in certain zones or near certain Pokémon that are worth a few laughs.
    • Meeting Place and Meadow Zone: Waves at the player.
    • Beach Zone: Fans himself.
    • Lava Zone: Puts his ears down and makes an exhausted face.
    • Iceberg Zone: Shivers.
    • Haunted Zone: Cowers in fear.
    • Mr. Mime: Mimes by putting his hands on the "walls" of a "box" and then pulls a "rope" and goes "Pika!"
    • Feraligatr: Roars at the player.
    • Driftblim: Holds out his arms, and then jumps flapping them; trying to fly.
    • Hitmontop: Punches, and then does an Iron Tail.
    • Bunneary: Jumps and twirls in the air.
    • Porygon-Z: Dances, and then takes a bow.
  • The lampshading of Primeape's learnset.
    Primape: I mastered Iron Tail without a tail! And do you know what that means? It means that I can teach a clumsy Pokémon like you!
  • When you find Jirachi after inputting his code, when you talk to him, he says:
  • If you stand near Shaymin long enough, you'll occasionally see him curl up, and sprout more flowers on his back, camouflaging as a bush.

    Wonders Beyond 
  • Snivy pulls some strings to let you past Bisharp, and...
    Oshawott: Snivy, you're a girl?!
    Snivy: How rude! Do I look like a boy? I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
  • The Friend List description of Magikarp:
    He thinks he is the king of the Poképark, but all he does is Splash.
  • Joltik: Yay! I'm so glad you didn't step on me. note 
  • The Loading Screens of this game can cause one to laugh too.
  • Serperior: By the way... Are you able to sleep in the dark all alone now?
    Snivy: What? No way! You're afraid of the dark?!
    Oshawott: I grew out of that long ago!
  • Stand around long enough near Scraggy and he will headbutt you.
  • Hydreigon will attack anyone that comes near him. Eventually, this will anger bystanders to the point they start attacking back which only serves to make Hydreigon even angrier and cause chaos.
  • The Slowpoke from the previous game challenges you to a rematch, boasting that he's trained to become the fastest. The fastest slowpoke that is, which isn't really much of an accomplishment.
  • This gem.
    Cofagrigus: Vermin! Ruining our lovely cake!
  • And also this one.
    Basculin: I like how when you swim, you look up to the sky.
  • Just the fact that Oshawott uses his scalchop as a pillow when he sleeps. It may not look comfortable, but at least he's resourceful.
  • After the postgame, you can battle and befriend the Gothita, Gothorita and Gothitelle that have been working against you during the game. Talking to Gothorita afterward reveals that, unlike the other two, he's a male.
  • In the postgame when Landorus, Thundurus, and Tornadus are summoned, both Tornadus and Landorus get dramatic entrances: the former speeds in from across the sea and the latter emerges from a huge fissure. When Thundurus is summoned, the four pals look around to see where he'll be arriving from and... he just comes out from behind his shrine, yawning.
  • A Solosis in the Unawarehouse gives us this gem:
    Solosis: Welcome to the Unawarehouse! ...Wait! Now, I will read your minds. Ahhh... Mmmmmh... You're... looking for something, am I right?
    Tepig: That's right! You're amazing. So, does that mean you know what we're looking for?
    Solosis: Ummmmm! True love, maybe?
    Snivy: We'll look for that somewhere else. We're looking for the Scientorium. We heard it's in this warehouse.
    Solosis: Oh really? Truth is, I can't read minds one little bit. I usually get the first one right, so I thought I'd give it a try.
  • This is the first joke in the game, and it's pretty funny; giving the player a taste of the comedy used throughout.
    Touch berries to pick them up, they're berry useful!
  • In the Arcane Area, you'll occasionally see Lotad stacked on top of each other...
  • There's a Skiploom in the Arbor Area who asks you to look at the flower on his head. The game even removes the text box for a few seconds just so you're able to see it.