Funny: Paul

  • Where to even start? Half the movie is one long string of laughs, but any time Ruth tries out swearing is particularly hilarious.
  • The constant Ho Yay throughout the film of Graeme and Clive. Even when they have thoroughly demonstrated their Heterosexual Life Partner status it is still played on near constantly for laughs.
  • The ultimate reason for the trip north and its eventual outcome of what Hilarity Ensues. During the beginning part of that, it counts as a heartwarming moment for Paul.
  • The sword, a useful weapon it seems for the final showdown against the Big Guy, breaks while being pulled out of the sheath. The expression just makes it perfect.
  • Zoil's reaction to running out of bullets.
    Zoil: Motherfucking titty-sucking two-balled bitch!
  • Ruth's short but hilarious Mushroom Samba from having pot for the first time.
    "There's wasps in my brain!"
  • After Tara's house gets blown up, she looks back and can only manage this:
    Tara: My weed...
  • Also after Tara's house being blown up, Ruth's father gets caught in the explosion.
    Ruth: Daddy?! (runs toward her father
    Ruth's father: (slowly rises, clutching his gun)
    Ruth: OK, he's fine! (runs away to the RV)
  • The reveal of the the Big Guy, (Sigourney Weaver), followed by a shout-out to her most famous role ("Get away from her, you bitch!") and to top it all off, her death by spaceship.
  • Paul's increasingly bizarre attempts to ask Clive if he and Graeme are together without actually asking him. Ending with a joke about anal probing, naturally.
  • "Oh, shit! Sailors!"
  • Clive meeting Paul:
    Clive: Ha ha ha ha! (faints)
  • When Clive wakes up and finds out Paul is real.
    Clive: There's an alien in a kitchenette making bagels and coffee!
    Graeme: Did you want tea? Cos that's weird in America.
    Paul: (sings) Bagels and coffee! Oooh, Marmite!
  • Spaceman balls.
    • *SLAP*
    • Get your goddamn hands off my motherfucking junk! The ENTIRE theater was cracking up.
  • Paul's description of his pot
    Paul: This is the shit that killed Dylan.
    Graeme: Bob Dylan's not dead!
    Paul: Isn't he?
  • The last line before the closing credits. Delivered in the most nonchalant tone you could imagine.
  • Adam Shadowchild in all two of his scenes.
    Adam: Did you buy a book?
    Woman: No.
    Adam: Then fuck off.
  • A blink-and-you-will-miss-it moment: When Zoil performs The Ketchup Test on what he then realises is a puddle of urine, he spits it out immediately.
  • Right after Zoil bursts out of the forest and fires his rifle, the movie switches to slow-mo tracking of the bullet. The look on Paul's face, "frozen," is hysterical.
  • "Clive likes bo~ning spa~ce bea~rs!"