Funny / Old Kingdom

  • Finder splashing Mogget, who had just found a dry spot on the boat.
    Mogget: I HATE YOU!
  • Mogget in general is a barrel of hilarious snark, but he truly shines at High Bridge.
    Mogget: Wet, cold, and full of holes. Another fun day on the river.
    • Immediately after screaming at Finder...
      Mogget: At least that rowboat looks dry. Why don't we just let ourselves get captured?
  • After leaving the Clayr's Glacier on a critical mission, Lirael tries to explain their quest to the Disreputable Dog:
    Lirael: I have to find a man -
    Dog: Good! Time you were bred.
  • While flying to the Great Rift in a giant barking owl Charter skin, Lirael sets down for the night and Nick asks if she's going to take it off, only for Lirael to remember to her dismay that she has to stay in it the whole way since it's one use only. All she can do is hoot out "Love you!" and wallow in the Unresolved Sexual Tension.