Awesome: Old Kingdom

  • Touchstone going into a beserker rage when Sabriel is lightly wounded by an arrow shot by bandits. He performs a powerful spell that shoots miniature suns out of his fingers, killing at least one of the men. He then picks up Sabriel and runs at least a mile at almost superhuman speed.
    • Years later an ambassador tries to assassinate Sabriel at a feast. Touchstone reacts by picking him up and throwing him down the table, then trying to rip a leg off his throne in a blind rage to beat the man with and only fails because it's bolted down. Sabriel calms him down by whispering to him and performing calming spells.
  • Sabriel takes down Kerrigor. She uses Mogget's control charm on him, accidentally trapping Mogget at the same time, and severing Kerrigor's empowering link with his followers.
  • Kerrigor's plan has to be admired due to just how effective it is. He learnt Free Magic, killed and resurrected himself in order to become a powerful mage. He then creates a new spell that strengthens himself by linking himself to his followers, using a bastardisation of the magic that all of the royal blood possess. He then breaks two of the Great Stones and almost breaks a third, endangering the entire Charter and plunging a kingdom into anarchy.
    • Oh, and he hides away his body in a different country/reality to stop any Abhorsen from permanently destroying him, allowing him to kill several Abhorsens while only being temporarily slowed every time he is defeated.
    • He also manages to take out an unbound Mogget with relatively little difficulty, impressive considering how Mogget is one of the most powerful beings in the series.
  • Mogget, after being told by Lirael to help in any way he can, takes that as an opportunity to transform into his albino dwarf form, run to Nick and try to carry him from Orannis' spheres, as Orannis can't reform without Nick's sliver. Mogget tricks Nick's subconscious Orannis' possession more ably than Lirael's earlier efforts and carries him away, stopping only to rip apart a dead hand with magic when it gets in their way. Sadly, it wasn't quite enough.
  • The binding of Orannis, almost from beginning to end.
  • Abhorsen: During the final fight, when the combined efforts of two Abhorsens, two Clayr, the King, Sam, Ellimere, and Kibeth are not enough to defeat Orannis, Mogget gets his Moment when he is freed of his collar and reveals himself to be the Eighth Bright Shiner. Once imprisoned for refusing to fight, he unexpectedly stands with them against Orannis and helps rebind him.
  • On the last two pages of Abhorsen, for the Disreputable Dog: As Kibeth, the Walker of the Charter Seven, she sends the innocent casualty Nicholas back to the world of Life. As he marches against the current of the River of Death, he yells to her, "Is this allowed?" and she responds, "No. But then I am the Disreputable Dog."