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Funny: Northanger Abbey

Funny moments from the book

  • Catherine completely missing the perfect opportunity to be a real heroine by assuming that the lady with Henry Tilney is his sister and fainting dead away in a very devastated and romantic manner, instead correctly taking her as Miss Tilney, Henry's sister.
  • John Thorpe asks Catherine to marry her without her realizing it, and her innocent answer is spot-on.
    John Thorpe: Did you ever hear the old song 'Going to One Wedding Brings on Another?' I say, you will come to Belle's wedding, I hope. (...) And then you know, I say, then you know, we may try the truth of this same old song.
    Catherine: May we? But I never sing.
  • Catherine's encounter with the cabinet. Explaining the sequence really wouldn't do it justice, as Austen's Affectionate Parody of breathlessly intense Gothic novel narration is essential to the humor.
  • The scenes where John Thorpe and James Morland brag about their horses and carriages.
  • It's actually hard to pick a Crowning Moment from the Conversational Troping-style narration.
  • Henry Tilney's snarky (and completely accurate) summary of every Gothic novel ever written.
  • Austen writes that Catherine dreams of Henry Tilney the night after she met him... and wonders if it's appropriate for a woman to dream of a man before he dreams of her.

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