Funny / No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

  • At the end of the Warm-Up Boss battle against Skelter Helter, Travis lops Skelter's head off, the same way he killed his brother in the first game. Only this time, the head lands perfectly onto his torso. Travis and Sylvia (who just flew in mere seconds ago to confirm the kill) are stunned that he's still able to give a few more spiteful words before ripping his own head back off.
    • "If you see your brother in hell, tell him he's still! A DOUCHE!"
  • Also, how the "NO MORE HEROES" sign breaks as you do it with Sylvia, it becomes "MORE ERO".
  • Henry's super long phone message, in which he has an argument with the present Travis about who is the older brother, and ending it with "Long message, eh?"
    • "I took pictures of the kills. They'd make great wallpapers for your cell."
      • The pics are of Henry standing over mutilated remains flashing a goofy smile and a thumbs up.
  • Travis reading Kimmy's letter, more the fact that he read past "my dream is to behead Travis the great" without drawing his weapon.
  • During her save animation (a shower), Shinobu will mumble to herself, "What does Moe mean?" despite using it way more often than Travis.
  • Sylvia suddenly going off on Travis during their phone call after Travis hits Rank 25.
    Sylvia: I don't have time to waste on 25th-ranked scrubs! Take a hint, you IMPOTENT DIPSHIT! *hangs up*
    * beat*
    Travis: ...I like her better when she's horny.
  • If you lose a weapon clash to Matt Helms, he'll knock Travis over and sit on him.
  • One of Jasper's (less annoying) attacks is picking up Travis ("The fuck!?") and spinning him around on his finger like a wad of dough before throwing him into the ground.
  • Jasper's transformations, as well as Travis and Henry's reaction to them.
    Travis: (after first transformation) You've gotta be shittin' me!
    Henry: (after the second) I can't be associated with that travesty. I mean, I've got standards, for fuck's sake!
  • At the end of his duel with Jasper, Travis leaps off the side of the building to deliver the final blow, only to find he underestimated the distance and "swims" the rest of the way.
  • "Everybody deals with grief differently, right? Some people fuck at funerals. I cut off heads."
  • Henry's nightmare. Mimmy. That is all.
  • After fighting Chloe Walsh, the building starts to explode. Sylvia comes by in a UAA helicopter and tells Travis "hurry, you have to jump!" Travis leaps as the building explodes behind him, almost grabs Sylvia by the hand... and then Sylvia pulls her hand back, making Travis fall into the ocean.
    Sylvia: I just remembered we are out of seats! Just swim back, okay?
  • Henry waking up on Travis masturbating to Bizarre Jelly 5, and inviting him to watch.
  • The fight with Charlie MacDonald. He's a football jock who invited Travis to his college field, has an army of identical cheerleaders and makes football-related puns. The fight against him? A giant robot battle, of course!
    Sylvia: I'm sorry, but we will have to confiscate your robot.
    Travis: Like hell you will!
  • This.
  • Some of the side-mission guys (They're all identical) say some good stuff.
    Buggin' Out Guy: (Before) Women love exterminators, much more than actors and pro athletes.
    Buggin' Out Guy: (After) I was lying about the woman thing.

    Pipes Guy: You sir are a GOD among plumbers! I'm putting your ass on speed-dial!

    Scorpions Guy: (After failing) I hate you with all of my hate.
  • Travis's reaction when he learns that Destroyman came back.
    "I'm glad he's dead. ... Again."
  • For some reason, the customers chucking a fork at you in Man the Meat when you screw up their orders is worth a laugh or two.
    "Tastes like SHIT! *chak*"