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YMMV: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
  • Best Boss Ever: There aren't as many memorable boss fights as in the first game (and quite a few that are memorable for the wrong reasons,) but the rank 2, 3 and 4 fights are generally considered some of the best in the game (possibly even both games depending on who you ask.) It definitely helps that all three of these bosses Face Death with Dignity, cause Travis to go through Character Development, are Affably Evil, and that they all have amazing battle music.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: Henry's nightmare. He fights an anime girl with robot arms on her back who claims her mind and Henry's have merged and tries to kill him when he wants to leave. Why he's dreaming about killer anime girls is completely unexplained and he never mentions it to anyone afterwards.
    • It's implied the room Travis put him in had something to do with it. Outside forces can affect your dreams while you slumber. Notice when Henry awakes he notices the poster of the Bizarre Jelly 5 girls. Plus Travis tells him to keep it down as he was "watching" Bizarre Jelly 5.
    • There's also every possibility he's a closet otaku, maybe he and his brother aren't as different as they think.
    • Another possibility is that Henry and Travis's minds merged (as Mimmy claimed with herself instead of Travis) due to their close proximity (and them being twins?), and since Travis was "preoccupied" at the time with thoughts of Bizarre Jelly 5, Henry fought a personification of Travis' mindscape in that form.
  • Breather Boss:
    • Cloe Walsh is the easiest boss in the game so long as you avoid her acid-spit kiss and poisonous Breath Weapon.
    • Captain Vladimir is also easy to beat. Up until he's low on health and begins to use his Kill Sat attack.
    • Mimmy. You can keep your distance and abuse a long distance attack that makes you invincible during most of the animation until all her health is gone, which is when you can run up to her and finish her off with a Death Blow.
    • Dr. Letz Shake. He only has two attacks. One is a laser attack that by this point, you have dodged less telegraphed attacks. And the other is his "earthquake" attack where the safe zones are easily shown and you can usually get up to him and score in some free hits. Because of this it's not uncommon for players to beat him without taking a hit.
  • Breather Level: The path to Vladimir is one long, drawn-out motorcycle ride. No enemies, no way to fall off the road, and hitting obstacles refills your Nitro.
  • Broken Base: The removal of Travis' motorcycle, and the sandbox city in general. Some fans were very glad that it was removed because it took no time at all to travel around the city and it was much easier, while other fans hated that they could no longer explore the city and drive around. Even Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw complained that removing the sandbox city from the game was just lazy.
  • Contested Sequel: Though most people do still like it, whether the sequel is better or worse than the original game is a very contested point so far. Supporters cite the game's more mature plot, levels that have detail, lack of entry fees, more varied enemies and weapons, the tedious sandbox being gone, and the retro style of the side job minigames. Detractors claim that the absence of an overworld might potentially shorten the game's longevity despite the higher number of rank missions, that some of the bosses are tedious to fight, and have the opinion that the stages starring Shinobu need polishing.
  • Crazy Awesome: Nathan Copeland.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Pretty much the whole damned soundtrack.
  • Demonic Spiders: Ryan's spinners, God, the spinners.
  • Disappointing Last Level: Done on purpose, the level to reach Jasper Batt Jr. isn't especially interesting, and Jasper as a boss is ended as The Scrappy because of the fans didn't find the fight with him to be fun in the slightest.
  • Ear Worm:
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • The New Destroymen, who fans loved the idea of having two of Destroyman even if the boss fight with them wasn't well liked.
    • Dr. Letz Shake for being Letz Shake that's actually fought and his hilarious Verbal Tic.
  • Fandom Berserk Button:
    • Travis' rank up screen for the match lists Alice's name as Alice Moonlight, but credits list her as Alice Twilight. The Japanese special edition and the European version have her listed as Alice Twilight, however.
    • There's also the rather obvious fact that the battle against her takes place at twilight, while the battle against Margaret takes place under moonlight.
  • Freud Was Right:
    • Sylvia posits that to Travis, killing people is "just like getting off." He doesn't even blink.
    • As if that wasn't enough, the Peony gets bigger as Travis' "Ecstasy" Gauge rises. Speaking of said gauge, after a... certain event with Sylvia, Travis starts every fight with it completely filled.
    • An astute player will notice that the item that completely fills Travis' ecstasy meter is a porno magazine. And then there's the beam sword's power meter icon that looks strangely like a smiling red dildo. None of this is helped by the fact that the way Travis charges his swords seemingly looks like he's jerking off...
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • "Gettin' yer jollies?!" Guns aren't quite the broken weapon they were in the first game, but they're still annoying as hell. Also a contender are those knife-wielding pricks, who tend to block most of your strikes and like to knock you off-balance while you're distracted by a much more important foe.
    • The good news about gun mooks is that, stamina-wise, they're the weakest in the game. One step-in slash is often enough to kill them.
    • Enemies with both regular and beam katanas are pretty obnoxious, too, as they have more health than at least most of the regular mooks you face, and are REALLY good at smacking you around if you're not careful. Chainsaw mooks sort of count as well, as all their attacks are unblockable and if you get hit, say goodbye to a good chunk of your health meter. While chainsaw mooks by themselves aren't too difficult if you're wielding the Peony (which interrupts all their attacks,) it's when they're mixed in with a group when they're the most dangerous, as they can sneak up on you if you're distracted by another enemy (ESPECIALLY when a grappler mook gets ahold of you).
  • Goddamned Boss: New Destroyman. They're not as hard as some of the other bosses since their attacks are easy to see coming, but fight can be very annoying because Shinobu stops to taunt after a combo, and if you kill one of them than the other can revive him. It also doesn't help that one of the two likes to fly around at the top of the level meaning he can be hard to hit.
    • The first half of the fight is difficult as hell, while the second consists of camping by the defeated Destroyman's body while waiting for the other to fly around a bit before running up to revive him and getting in a few hits before he flies off again. Rinse and repeat for at about 5-10 minutes.
    • The fight can be made faster and less aggravating by restricting the fight with the Red Destroyman behind a group of six boxes at one end beneath the center rafter, which blocks everything the other Destroyman can throw at you. You still have to camp by him in order to prevent the other one from reviving him though.
    • Margaret can be a pretty annoying boss, mainly because she never stays still.
    • Alice is also a frustrating boss because of her That One Attack that will knock you down. And immediately after you fall, she'll spam this attack over and over again until you die or unless you quickly roll out the way.
    • Million Gunman, in addition to him being annoying, has the odd combination what might normally be a Breather Boss with terrible platforming sequences and the fact that Shinobu stops to taunt after landing a combo.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: After the giant robot fight, Travis feels a bit guilty about tearing through all his cheerleader hoes. After his victory almost gets nullified though he backs up, saying "you can do some damage with those pom-poms!" Indeed you can.
  • Holy Shit Quotient: Significantly upped. Skelter Helter tearing off his own head in his death scene kicks off the game, though it's briefly upped on both sides of the fourth wall right before the fight against Jasper Batt. Jr, who has three of henchmen come in and literally deliver Travis the heads of Shinobu, Henry, and Sylvia on platters. None of them turn out to be dead, however: It was just a Mind Screw aimed at both the player and Travis.
  • I Am Not Shazam: Letz Shake is the man with the mohawk; Dr. Shake is the earthquake machine.
  • Moe:
    • Mimmy, due to being a composite of Travis' Fetishes. Made with a Lampshade Hanging when she will occasionally sit down with the character 萌 (for "mo" in "mo-e") over her.
    • Margaret's dying words ask if you memorized her song. After Travis says yes, she simply smiles, says "That is so... Sublime", and falls.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • For Jasper Batt Jr. you can go back and forth on this one, but he certainly wanted Travis to believe he crossed it by killing Henry, Sylvia, and Shinobu. While he didn't actually kill them, the attempted Mind Screw may still qualify for some.
    • Another possible MEH: ordering Bishop's assassination, in order to ensure Travis comes to fight him.
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • Gettin your jollie- Chicken shit. Gettin your jollies? Chicken shit. Gettin your jol- Chicken shit.
    • Nathan Copeland's BLESS YEW!
    • Everything Million Gunman says during his fight can become tiresome.
      • "I'm not going to go easy on you just because you're a girl! Come on! Show me something SPECIAL! Do you like money like I do? I'm not going eFUCK YOU!! Do you love money like I do? I'm not FUCK YOU! I'm not going to go easy on you just because you're a FUCK YOU! I'm not going..."
    • New Destroyman's laugh. It doesn't help that one of him never stays still either.
    • Alice's "All mine! All mine! All mine!" This is the sound of you being murdered.
  • Narm: After defeating the final boss, Travis falls to the ground and proceeds to escort him back to Motel No More Heroes while the credits roll. It's a long drive through the city to accompany the credits... Unless you remember that Batt's tower was right across the street from the Motel, according to the in-game map. Was Sylvia high or something?
  • Narm Charm: When Travis fights Ryuji, he'll shout out "Come out, dragon!" Sounds corny, but it's kinda difficult to mock what he said considering he's about to summon a fucking dragon!
  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • Nintendo Hard:
    • The special difficulty mode in the "Bizarre Jelly 5" game. Just unlocking it requires you to beat hard mode without dying once, a feat in itself, but just beating special mode at all is even harder. Words do it no justice.
    • Jasper Batt Jr. is, oddly enough, pathetically easy on Sweet (then again, so are the other bosses), and as much of a pain he is on Mild, he's still somewhat manageable. On Bitter, however, the kid gloves come off; he still has the teleport punches that take extremely precise timing to dodge, only this time he hits harder and spams them more often, not to mention he, like the other bosses, has more hit points. Taken Up to Eleven with Deathmatch mode where you not only have to fight him on Bitter difficulty, but with the added challenge of no health pickups and no checkpoints.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Jasper Batt Jr. Even forgetting his Moral Event Horizon and the Freudian Excuse it stemmed from, fans also hate him for his design and annoying speech patterns, and for having a very hard second phase in his boss fight filled with near-unavoidable attacks.
    • Million Gunman is near-universally hated for being a very uninteresting assassin thematically (even the whole Bond villain motif isn't particularly unique), being one of the more obnoxious fights in the game, the poor platforming required to beat him and the screams of "DO YOU LOVE MONEY LIKE I D-I'M NOT GOING TO GO EASY ON YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE A GIR-DO YOU LOVE MO-FUCK YOU" he makes. Next to Jasper Batt Jr, his boss fight is likely the most disliked of any in either of the games.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • The scorpion mini game was generally considered the worst one in the first No More Heroes. So, as a joke, its the only mini game that carries over into the sequel, badly clashing with the seven other 2D mini games. If anything, it's even WORSE this time. Even though there are first-aid kits scattered throughout the job site this time, they're all only one-use kits, and unlike the first game you can't dash to make it to them in a hurry if you get stung (in fact, if you get stung you go even SLOWER.) Add to that the fact that the tall grass is taller and more dense this time, making it even harder to see the scorpions, and the fact that the scorpions can dig to escape from an easy capture, or ambush you, and can sting you when you're trying to pick them up. Luckily you don't have to play it at all.
    • The motorcycle stage in the Ryuji fight was also a huge pain. The controls for Travis' motorbike were clumsy and slippery, and trying to knock Ryuji off the cliff was difficult due to the fact that his bike is impossible to knock away while he's boosting. And in the higher difficulties, he relies on his boost a lot (like every five to seven seconds or so).
  • Signature Scene: The final boss fight has become very infamous.
  • That One Attack:
    • Mimmy's "Yyyyiippeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" (slapslapslapslapslap)
    • Another one: "5..4..3..2..1..YIPPPEEE!!(homing missile barrage)"
    • Jasper Batt's triple teleporting punch combo. And it gets worse when he starts shooting wind gusts while doing it.
    • Ryuji's fucking dragon summon. Once he's lost a third or so of his health, he'll promptly pull this out of nowhere, summoning a GIGANTIC ENERGY DRAGON that homes in on you, repeatedly digging into and bursting out of the ground, dealing heavy damage. If you block it, it will drain your battery ridiculously fast, to the point even the long-lived Rose Nasty will runt out of energy after blocking it about two or three times. You have to be very smart about your dodges to get through it without getting mauled by it. And Ryuji isn't just standing around while all this is happening, either.
  • That One Boss:
    • RYUJI. He's the only boss who's a pain to beat even after you figure out all his moves. You have to dodge at precisely the right moment or you'll get hit. And then there's his dragon attack, on Bitter Mode, he will just spam it non-stop.
    • Nathan Copeland and Alice are also quite challenging. The former because the battle stage will continuously act against the player, and the latter because of her formidable swordplay.
    • Matt Helms is very strong, very durable, fought in a very closed space (although the space probably won't be as enclosed by the time you both have finished with it), and difficult to stun. He's one of the bosses people commonly have the most trouble with. If his homing Molotov cocktails don't kill you, his ridiculously long reach will.
    • Margaret can wreck you if your not careful. While not that bad up close, if she is any distance from you, which she will try to be all the time, she will spam her rifles from afar. These have a horrible knockback that also does decent damage and can quickly drain your energy if you block it.
    • Jasper Batt Jr. The second form quickly becomes this with a mix of one-hit-kills, and a very hard to dodge combo spam. The first and third forms are slightly more manageable, but in the former there is a case of Guide Dang It that will leave the player stuck unless it can be figured out.note 
  • That One Level:
    • Both Shinobu stages. Playing as Shinobu wouldn't be so bad if the game didn't force you to take advantage of the fact that she has a (rather clumsy) jump, in the form of quite a bit of platforming. The camera doesn't help matters, as it's very easy to fall off a building and have to go a long way back to get back up. Fortunately the enemies don't respawn. Her fighting could also use some polishing. She ends combos with a drawn out sheathing of her sword and a not as drawn out but still drawn out sheathing of her sword. This isn't an issue when you're fighting mooks since she usually fights them in such small groups, but it sucks some of the fun out the two boss fights. The fight with New Destroyman is good only on the virtue that it's the fight with New Destroyman.
    • The graveyard in Matt Helms' stage is annoying to play through, particularly because there are at least three chainsaw mooks, and three other giant mooks with axes.
    • The parking lot outside Margaret's stage. It's just a Zerg Rush of probably upward of fifty mooks, killing them over and over. It also has tons of gun mooks, so many of them that if you don't get rid of those quickly, you will die.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Playing as Henry and Shinobu definitely could have been done better.
  • Too Cool to Live:
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • After you go up the second escalator in Pizza Batt Tower, there is a store right in front of you that is actually called "Uncanny Valley".
    • All of Charlie MacDonald's "groupies" look and sound exactly the same.
    • Jasper himself just looks kind of... wrong. His body proportions are one thing, but coupled with his pale skin and that ridiculous tattoo taking up most of his cranium...
  • The Woobie: It's hard not to get this impression over the course of Vladimir's battle. Even as he attacks Travis, he constantly cries out for a response from his long-defunct ship. And he finally realizes he's always been on Earth just as he's dying. Fortunately, rather than grieve, he's happy about it, fondly taking in the world beyond his visor for the first time in decades. That Travis even pays respect to this simply sweetens the scene. Unlike Ryuji, Sylvia does not finish Vladmir off, respecting Travis's wishes to let him die as himself.

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