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  • Laureen Hobbs, a representative of the Communist Party, going on a rant that undoubtedly had Karl Marx turning over in his grave.
    Lauren: Don't fuck with my distribution costs! I'm making a lousy two-fifteen per segment and I'm already deficiting twenty-five grand a week with Metro! I'm paying William Morris 10% off the top, and I'm giving this turkey ten thou per segment, and another five to this fruitcake! And Helen, don't start no shit about a piece again! I'm paying Metro twenty thousand for all foreign and Canadian distribution, and that's after recoupment! The Communist Party's not gonna see a nickel of this goddamn show until we go into syndication!
  • This gets even better when the group's Patty Hearst expy calls her out for being a capitalist sellout and the leader of the ultra-leftist terrorists fires off a shot into the ceiling to get everyone to shut up...and then asks the assembled suits to draw their attention back to Page 22 so they can discuss subsidiary rights.
  • During Howard's "life is bullshit" speech, Max is speaking on the phone and provides this great line:
    Max: He's saying that life is bullshit, and it is, so what are you screaming about?!
  • Mr. Jensen interrupting his bombastic speech to calmly and reasonably ask, "Am I getting through to you, Mr. Beale?"
  • Diana blathering on about her career in the middle of sex.

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