Fridge / Network

  • Fridge Brilliance: Diana Christensen and Howard Beale, two of the three main characters, never share a scene together ó perhaps a nod to the cold, distant, and removed nature of television programming?
  • Fridge Horror: Howard Beale is clearly undergoing a nervous breakdown throughout the course of the film, and apart from Schumacher, no one ever even considers getting him help; indeed, his breakdown is actually exploited by those around him for the sake of ratings. For that matter, several other characters also appear to have serious psychological issues, most obviously Diana, and no one ever attempts to get any of them the help they need. It is possible that their psychological issues are ignored because they are professionally successful and many criteria require adverse consequences to a personís professional life for a diagnosis, but itís clear that most of them arenít happy, and their actions prove destructive to society and, ultimately, to each other.