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Funny: Nathan Fillion
  • Serenity Con 2007: Nathan straightens out Alan Tudyk about just what was said about the possibility of a sequel to Serenity. What makes it even better is that they start having a joke argument over the phone... and then you can hear Nathan start talking in the room where Alan is giving the convention talk, miliseconds before the phone relays it.
    Nathan: Listen; Alan is a wealth of information, most of it false. If you want to know the real deal about Alan Tudyk, there's only one person you can ask, and that's me.
  • San Diego Comic Con 2010: At a Castle panel, Nathan and Stana Katic do a Dramatic Reading of "Richard Castle's" book Nikki Heat. And it's the sex scene between Nikki Heat (modeled after Stana/Beckett) and Jameson Rook (modeled after Nathan/Castle). Hilarity Ensues.
  • One of Nathan's best stories (and he has many great ones) is how he managed to get out of a speeding ticket. He was on his way to a set one day when he got pulled over for speeding and the cop came up to the car and Nathan pleaded with the guy to give him a break. The cop actually does because he recognizes that Nathan is an actor and says he'll give him a pardon if he gets an autograph. Ecstatic, Nathan whips out a pen and paper and starts writing to the cop while said cop dials up his wife and exclaims, "Baby, you'll never guess who I just pulled over! JASON BATEMAN!" And not missing a beat, Nathan signed his name as "Jason Bateman" and went on his merry way. Subsequently, a scene in Castle has his character briefly mistaken for Jason Bateman.
  • If you still don't believe Nathan is Fun Personified, take a gander at the Serenity Behind the Scenes Feature.
  • Three words: Google. Maps. Pose. Explained in context here. We must find this!
  • On his hit show Castle, the titular Castle doesn't know who his dad is. At Comic Con 2010, someone asked who Nathan would like to play Castle's dad. This is the result.
  • The Daly Show: Episode 7 "The Daly Superheroes" with NATHAN FILLION.
  • Once on Ellen Degeneres's show, reminiscing about his soap opera days, he explained the only faces you need for dramatic close ups. Number one: "Did I leave the stove on?" [looks confused]. Number two: "I did leave the stove on!" [looks troubled]. Look three: "No, I turned the stove off!" [looks confident and happy]. See it here.
    • A variation from another interview has a cat instead of a stove. "Did I let the cat in?" [looks confused and caring] "I did not let the cat in!" [looks troubled] "Nah, I don't have a cat!" [looks beyond self-assured and positively happy].
  • When asked whether he liked going to conventions and comic cons, he proudly and excitedly said there was even his action figure! When teased whether it looked like him at all, and he said that the profile was remarkable, but other than that it kind of looked like David Duchovny Surprised.
  • He once photobombed Kelly Hu, then denied that it was him.
  • A fan made a picture of him as God, going berserk over Firefly being cancelled. His response was merely to say "this doesn't go to my head at all".
  • His Jimmy Kimmel interview in which he admits that he likes to scare his housekeeper by doing things like hiding behind doors, between mattresses, and even hiding a little device that makes creepy noises behind the seat of her car.

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