Funny / Carrie Fisher

  • Her epic George Lucas Roast.
  • Her appearance on the Graham Norton Show, where she recounts meeting a fan who kept thinking about Princess Leia 'four times a day' to Daisy Ridley's dumbfounded reaction. Carrie then finishes by telling Daisy "See you have that to look forward to!"
  • Her answer to a fan's question as to what Leia would have said to Luke if she was the one who found him in The Force Awakens.
    "Where in the Sam Hill have you been?! I've been running this damn rebellion for years and you take off and hang out in the woods somewhere, meditating!!!"
  • Discussing when she and her mother met Richard Nixon:
    "I said, 'I don't want to meet him, I want him impeached,' and my mother said, 'I will take away your credit cards,' and I said, 'I'm coming.'"
  • Think her novels are hilarious? Try the audiobooks. It's one thing to read her words, it's another to hear them come from her mouth, and she reads those words exactly as you'd expect, in the type of sardonic and "high-and-low" voice that has made her a comedic household. The Princess Diarist and Wishful Drinking are but two examples.
  • The fact that she noted that she wanted it said that she died "drowning in moonlight, strangled by her own bra". Even when she died she gave the world a good zinger. What a way to go.
    • And also, her ashes are in a giant Prozac pill.