Funny / Martin Freeman

  • The origin of the infamous "BAFTA" Memetic Mutation, as seen on The Graham Norton Show. Actually, all of his interventions on the show.
  • On The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert discussed The Hobbit with Martin Freeman, particularly the official LEGO sets that had just come out:
    Stephen Colbert: Is there a LEGO Legolas?
    Martin Freeman: In fact, the top can come off, and you can have a legless LEGO Legolas.
  • Ends a serious anti-cancer PSA with "Cancer is shite."
  • Combined with Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, the way he met his former partner, Amanda Abbington. She was complaining about being single to a makeup lady who told her that a guy had been complaining about the same thing earlier. It turned out to be Martin. They reportedly flirted all day, and when she went home, he texted her saying "You left and I wasn't done flirting with you. That was rather rude."
  • There's a bit on the appendixes in An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition where Martin Freeman flips his birds, especially when dressed as Bilbo during shooting.