Funny / Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

  • Cooking with Scorpion!
  • Cyrax hates Johnny Cage's movies. A lot. According to a bit in the Konquest mode, Cyrax "felt especially robbed of his eight bucks when he went and saw Ninja Mime."
  • The Krypt is loaded with in-jokes about the characters. In addition to Scorpion's cooking show mentioned above, there's a thermos so sturdy even Sub-Zero can still drink hot coffee while reading the morning paper, Quan Chi moonlighting as a jazz saxophonist (with a threat to "Buy [his album] or else!"), Kano sponsoring his own nasty brand of sugary cereal, Scorpion (again) advertising hellfire charcoal briquettes that no barbecue is complete without, and Goro being the best drummer who ever lived for obvious reasons.