Funny / Morecambe and Wise

  • Pretty much every single one of their song and/or dance routines:
  • The Grieg Piano Concerto sketch with Andrew Preview André Previn, a veritable Hurricane of Crowning Moments of Funny. Previn comes on the show as a guest, all excited that he's going to be conducting the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with Yehudi Menuhin as soloist. It turns out that he'll be conducting Grieg's Piano Concerto in A minor with Eric as soloist. He is not pleased.
    Previn: Goodnight, gentlemen.
    Ernie: No no! Please don't go, Mr Preview!
    Eric: Privet.
    Previn: Previn.
    Ernie: I can assure you that Eric is more than capable.
    Previn: Well...all right. I'll go get my baton.
    Ernie: Please do that.
    Previn: It's in Chicago. [starts to leave]
    • It's gotten to the point that it's the only Christmas episode to ever get replayed, just because of that one sketch.
    • And 15 years later, London cabbies were still asking him, "Where to, Mr Preview?"
    • Morecambe and Previn were rightly praised for their performances but this is also one of Wise's greatest, especially the way his announcement gets more and more rushed with each iteration, starting out pompously as:
    Ernie Wise: Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present Grieg's Piano Concerto, by Grieg, performed by Mr Eric Morecambe, and conducted by Mr Andre Previn.
    • —and finishing as:
    Ernie Wise: Grieg! By — with him and him.
  • (Eric is at the window as we hear an ambulance hurtle past outside, siren blaring)
    Eric: He'll not sell much ice-cream going at that speednote .
  • Eric Morecambe. Just Eric Morecambe. Probably the funniest man who ever existed and ever will exist. His timing, expressions and jokes were always absolutely perfect.
  • The Antony and Cleopatra sketch with Glenda Jackson.
    Cleo: All men are fools and what makes them so is having beauty like what I have got!
  • Eric vs. The Beatles.