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Funny: Moon Knight
  • Moon Knight's The Comically Serious type personality makes for a few laughs in his appearance in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. Especially the part with him and Vulture arguing over whether or not freeing the Tinkerer would be in Spidey's interest. Eventually the Web-Head gets annoyed, shouts at the two, and asks which one would prefer to fly him there. Moony just slowly lifts his hand up like a child.
    • Another happens in his interactions with Spider-Man beforehand, where he questions why Spider-Man doesn't simply destroy Wilson Fisk. He sees no problem in this.
  • In the 2014 Warren Ellis series, the first issue has this, while Spector is in his Mister Knight persona for the first time on panel:
    Mister Knight: So I've got this straight: you go up, you hide, you track fit people, and then you kill them, take pieces of them down here, and paste them into your body with obsolete, exotic machinery. And you think this is the purpose of their lives and your time and skills.
    Slasher: No offense, buddy, but you're a mile underground wearing a white suit and a bag on your head.
    Mister Knight: Fair point.
  • Issue 3 of the Warren Ellis series has this description of its plot: "In this issue: Moon Knight punches ghosts!" Also, it's awesome.

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