Funny / Lucifer


  • Nearly any scene with Gaudium, but especially the one-off issue in which he and fellow Deadpan Snarker sibling Spera go on a quest. Also, if mainly in that context:
    • "He told us to think for ourselves, right? So how did that lead to us storming heaven in "I Love Lucifer" t-shirts?",
    • "If I'd had eyes back then, I'd have been staring moodily into his, 'stead of bobbing up and down like a cheap special effect."
      • "You know cherubs are spherical because it's the perfect platonic shape, right?"
      • "What?"
    • "Slug beast! Slug beast! Giant slug beast!"
    • "Prepare to have a hairball moment!"
    • "Is it the end of the world yet?" and (moving on)
    • "Oh good, I thought she'd put your eyes out with those things."
    • "I'm gonna sue this guy's ass into geostationary orbit."
    • And this marvelous exchange:
    Gaudium: Hey! How come it's snowing?
    Spera: This isn't snow. It's ash.
    Gaudium: Okay, then let me rephrase the question. Why is it ashing?
  • Lucifer himself gets a few in, notably (early on, to Amenadiel): "I'm sure they'll explain it to you one day. Some big, hairy archangel will sit you on his lap and give you the talk."
    • Also, Mona and Elaine being invested as tutelary spirits, in charge of (respectively) hedgehogs and "everything except hedgehogs".
      • Incidentally, Elaine's request gives us possibly the only moment when Lucifer seems at a loss for words out of sheer astonishment, with a beat panel of wide-eyed silence.
    • When Amenadiel empties a glass of brandy onto a table and sets fire to it to make a point, Lucifer comments that if he had known the angel was going to waste it on melodrama he would have given him a poorer vintage.
  • The entire The Yahweh Dance Issue.
    • Elaine blows up her first few worlds by accident, Lucifer mocking her all the while.
    • Her hasty, rather clumsy physical interactions with her world being interpreted as a great signs from an all knowing deity. And they start killing each other over their interpretations of said acts.
    • She eventually manifests in full deity, telling them to stop being so stupid in person. Lucifer is not impressed.
  • On his arrival in Jotunheim, Lucifer is met by two gigantic guards. The first Jotun unleashes a string of insults and threats; before Lucifer has time to react, the second Jotun clubs the first one to death.
    Jotun: I hope you'll bear no grudge over the words of a fool.
    Lucifer: A grudge? Not at all. I'm impressed. If you're always so quick to weed stupidity out of the gene pool, it's easier to understand how Loki happened.
  • In the new series, Lucifer and Gabriel are in the Dreaming, which is of course filled with memes from the collective consciousness of humanity. They encounter a Big Red Devil claiming to be Lucifer.
    Gabriel: I think we found a dream of you.
    Lucifer: (Face Palm) Oh, this is embarrassing.