Funny / Lizzie McGuire

TV Series
  • Any scene with Animated Lizzie.
  • From the Halloween episode, Lizzie is put on Balloon animal making duty and has no idea how to do it so she just holds up completely straight balloons.
    Lizzie: "Here. It's a worm. Here. It's a snake."
    Kid: "You suck."
    *Lizzie pops the balloon*
    Lizzie: "There. Now it's extinct."
  • "I! WANT! A BRA!"
  • Lizzie is panicking over how Kate's knocked over the bust of the principal and left her holding the bag. She asks Gordo for advice, expecting something that'll help. His idea: Canada.
    • Later, after a botched attempt to fix things...
    Gordo: (singing) O Canada... (gets elbowed to stop) That's all I know anyway.
  • When Kate breaks her arm and her friends turn their backs on her and kick her off the Cheerleading Squad. Lizzie feels bad for her. Miranda and Gordo...
    Together: (singing) Ding Dong, the witch is dead!
    Gordo: Which old witch?
    Miranda: The wicked witch!
    Together: Ding Dong, the wicked witch is dead!
    (Lizzie looks on, exasperated)
  • In one episode, Matt decides he wants to be a Stuntman when he grows up.
    Matt: (wearing a helmet and with pillows taped all over his body) Dad, will you please run me over with the car?
    Sam: (not paying attention): Sure, Son, in a minute.
  • Upon finding out what Matt's doing to get a baseball card Melina owns:
    Sam: That's exortion.
    Jo: That's brilliance.
  • The episode where Matt pretends he's a superhero. He hides Lizzie's shoes, claiming they were stolen by the "Evil Shoe Baron". Prompting this exchange.
    Jo: You tell the Evil Shoe Baron that if he doesn't return your sister's shoes right away, he's going to spend the rest of his life in the Fortress of Solitude.
    Matt runs off.
    Lizzie: Good work, mom.
    Jo: I have battled the Evil Shoe Baron before.

The Movie
  • Paolo's first impression on Ungermyer.
    Paolo: She makes me very scared.
    Gordo: Welcome to the club.
  • The fact Matt sent a video of Lizzie's clumsy accident to a news station.
  • When Lizzie finds out she's going to be Kate's roomate.
    Animated!Lizzie: For the record, I will never, ever, under any circumstances, share a room with-
    (cuts to Kate unpacking her things)
    Kate: Mind if I take the bed by the window ?
    (cuts back to Animated!Lizzie)
    Animated!Lizzie: Um, YEEEESSSSS!!!!
  • Ethan claims he finished his summer reading list.
    Ungermyer: You read eleven books?
    Ethan: I mean I read the list.
  • When Isabella leaves Lizzie to sing onstage.
    Animated!Lizzie: gulp RUN!! (Lizzie acutally attempts to do this but is stopped by Gordo from off stage)