Funny: Living Single

  • From the season 1 episode, "Burglar In The House", after realizing they are being robbed, the three women each grab a weapon. While Khadijah has her trusty nunchucks, Regine grabs a large, thick book while Synclaire decides to arm herself with a houseshoe.
    Regine: What you gonna do, huh? *while hitting it* Beat him down with Isotoners?!
    Synclaire: Oh, yeah, well what you gonna do? Hit him with the Bible?
    Regine: Over and over again!
  • Season 2 episode, "Singing The Blues", has Kyle and Max's Unresolved Sexual Tension / Slap-Slap-Kiss relationship on full display. While Kyle practices for his solo, Overton has this piece of advice:
    Overton: And if you're gonna sing that song, She's Out of My Life, don't choke up at the end; hell, everybody's gonna know it's phony.
    Kyle: Ahem! *begins to harmonize in a high-pitched*
    Max: Okay! Everybody out! Fire alarm! Oh, I'm sorry, Kyle; I thought I heard a smoke alarm going off.
    • Later in the episode, when Kyle finally does sing at the club, upon Max showing up in a very low-cut dress, he chokes and storms out.
    Max: Whoa! Check out Loser Vandross! *laughing*
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