Trivia: Lizzie McGuire

Trivia Tropes:

  • Acting for Two: In The Movie, Isabella Parigi is portrayed by Hilary Duff, but some sources say Haylie Duff (Hilary's sister) provided the singing voice.
  • Actor Allusion: One is made with David and Robert Carradine in the episode where Gordo and Matt make a kung fu movie.
  • Dawson Casting:
    • 17-year old Adam Lamberg as Gordo; because he hit puberty late, he is actually able to pass as a 12-year old pretty convincingly in the pilot, and he managed to remain shorter than Lizzie and Miranda all the way through to the end.
    • 18-year old Kyle Downes as middle schooler Larry Tudgeman. Made more Egregious by the fact that, in the previous series he was in (the Retroactive Recognition-palooza Higher Ground), he was cast as a troubled high schooler.
    • Also comes up in Conversational Troping when Miranda acts in a school play:
    Animated Lizzie: Wow, Miranda's officially in love with acting. Maybe when she's thirty years old, she can play a teenager on Dawsons Creek.
  • Defictionalization: In one episode, Lizzie was inspired to spend more time with her mother after reading a novel titled The Orchids and Gumbo Poker Club for a school assignment. Disney later published an actual novel with that title, with notes from Lizzie included in the margins.
  • Fake Nationality: Lalaine (Miranda) is actually of Filipino descent.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Miranda's a Potential?
    • Also, Lizzie is the granddaughter of Data. note 
    • Matt was in a commercial directed by Sylar.
    • Ray's mother is Gordo's grandmother.
    • Caine taught Matt martial arts.
    • The principal would later go on to run a hotel.
    • Let's not forget that Miss Ungermeyer in The Movie is Lois Griffin.
    • Also in the movie, Paolo is Officer Garrett.
    • Lewis is Lizzie's dad.
    • Penny Proud plays Gordo's date Brooke in one episode.
    • In an example combining this trope with Genius Bonus, in an episode where Matt McGuire starts a garage band with a few of his friends (including Lanny), he auditions various musicians from around town. One musician to pass the audition, upon which his band improves in quality 1000% from its dismal beginnings, is session great Rick Marotta (playing himself), best known, as the episode points out, for having played drums for stars like John Lennon, Linda Ronstadt, Steely Dan and Carly Simon. (Youngster Matt, of course, after reading Marotta's resume of legends Rick's played with, tells him he's "never heard of them").
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Lizzie's German voice actress is also Azula.
  • Technology Marches On: In an earlier episode, Matt and Lanny try to raise the money to buy ninety-dollar walkie-talkies. A floppy disk and a VHS tape make appearances in the same episode.
    • Throughout the series, Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo have landlines in their bedrooms rather than cell phones.
    • In Rumors, Lizzie and Miranda are chatting on a fake ICQ client while using Windows 98!
    • In "Lizzie and Kate's Big Adventure", Lizzie and Kate have to go to an Internet café in order to get DSL.
  • What Could Have Been: They seemed to be building up to a romance between Larry and Miranda before the latter left the show. The storyline where he hooks up with a minor recurring character was most likely originally for her. Also, Sara Paxton was also considered for the role of Lizzie.
    • There were plans to spin off a "Lizzie in high school" sitcom onto ABC, but never got to be produced, due to Hilary Duff leaving after the show's completion.
    • A pilot for an unaired spinoff series called "What's Stevie Thinking?" was allegedly shot (or at least written), concerning the adventures of Miranda's sister Stevie. Stevie was to be played by a very young Selena Gomez.
    • Towards the show's end, there was a contest for three girls to have animated versions of themselves to have a cameo with the animated Lizzie. The show ended before this could have happened.

Additional Trivia:

  • After the 9/11 terrorist attack, the clocks in Lizzie's school are set at 9:11 for the episode directly after it.