Funny / Kristen Stewart

  • The time she dropped her MTV award.
    "Well, I'm just as awkward as you thought I was gonna be. BYE!" (leaves)
  • The promotion for Snow White and the Huntsman largely revolved around numerous interviewers seemingly shipping her and Charlize Theron, with Theron joining in at points for maximum embarrassment.
  • Kristen and Jesse Eisenberg interview each other and find that their interview cards have been switched.
    Jesse: Okay, so my next question for you is, have you always been funny? We heard you do a lot of impressions.
    Kristen: Mmm-hm. [Pause. Jesse makes an encouraging gesture.] Oh, no, I'm not going to do any for you.
    Jesse: Oh. ...Yeah, okay.
    Kristen: Are you seeing anyone, at the moment, though?
    Jesse: [startled] Sorry?
    Kristen: I was just wondering if you're seeing anyone currently.
    Jesse: Are you sure they didn't switch the cards? That just seems...
    Kristen: Is this not how...they usually go for you?
    Jesse: No. I'm normally asked if I'm, like, the class clown.
    Kristen: [fondly] That sounds so easy and fun! God. Are you pregnant, though? Is that, sort of, why you're keeping things a little bit...
    Jesse: [highly uncomfortable] Yeah, the only thing is, that seems like, really personal...
    Kristen: Do you get any work done? Like, do you have a particular peel to look vibrant and young?
  • Her detailed confusion over how to express Bella Swan's voice, suggested to sound like wind chimes by Twilight's author.