Funny / David Spade

  • When he appeared on SNL doing his "In and Out" sketches, where he tells people what are "in" and what's "out."
    David Spade: In - palindromes. Out - Radar.
    David Spade: In - overestimating audiences' vocabulary...
  • During his standup special, "Take The Hit", he had some hilarious stories about his playboy father and him having awkward conversations about girls.
    David Spade: So, I've been seeing this girl for about two months now but we haven't slept together or anything so... I don't know.
    Spade's Dad: You gotta dump her buddy! That girl's a prude - you don't want none of that. You want a girl like your momma. Yeah when I met your momma, she was nineteen, long and lean. She could do stuff with her mouth that...
    David Spade: Whoah! Hey that's mom you're talking about. That's my mom - remember how that works?
    Spade's Dad : I'm just saying!
    Spade's Dad: She'd kinda dig her heels in the ground and get her butt up...
    David Spade: I GOT IT!