Funny / Kinky Boots

  • "Pass us me boobs, will ya?"
  • During Lola's anti-burgundy speech.
    Lola: Sex shouldn't be "comfy!"
    Worker: Thank god, I thought it was just me.
  • The song 'History of Wrong Guys' in the Broadway adaptation, or, really, any time Annaleigh Ashford's Lauren is on stage.
  • When Don flirts with Lola, she strolls over, sits on his lap and...
    Lola: (sweetly to Don) Well, I'm very flattered, but if you can't get girls to wear them... (deep manly voice) you'll never get blokes like me to wear them!
  • Proving that she gets more women's attention than does the loutish, traditionally-masculine Don, Lola asks the workers how many of them wonder what she will wear every day, and every woman raises her hand. George raises his as well. When Don glares at George, George sheepishly lowers his hand — then gives Don a defiant look and thrusts it back up.