Funny / Kikoskia

  • The debut of Rocket Jockey McGee, who starts talking about Byzantine time machines. And it gets weirder (and funnier) from there. And is now animated.
  • His Minecraft Hardcore series started off with him spawning not in a forest, not in a desert, not over water, not in dirt, but rather spawning inside solid stone. Needless to say, he threw that world out and generated another.
    • That one, titled "Well...bugger." has him on a small island with one tree and no other land in sight.
  • In the ninth episode of his Kerbal Space Program series, he launches his first space station. He gets the station up into orbit uneventfully, but then blunders away half of his solar panels by accident.
  • Crazy Bus, the greatest game ever made. You'll never want to play anything else.
  • Kiko running in circles being chased by a homing fireball in Doom: Evilution. While humming Benny Hill.
  • Kiko's LP of Mount & Blade is a veritable gold mine of hilarity, not least because he plays his main character, Spunty, as a hapless, half-senile old man who bumbles his way straight into a bafflingly successful kingship.
  • In episode 10 of his x-com super Antarctic playthrough, he finds his first alien base also in Antarctica.
  • Kikoskia's 'Let's Play' of Ian Livingstone's Adventures of Goldhawk books with Helloween 4545. Their voice acting, improv, nitpicking and their unique yet hilarious spin on the characters must be heard to be believed. And also now animated.